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VOICELESS Movie Speaks to the Silent Church

Synopsis: VOICELESS A war veteran, Jesse, becomes a community outreach leader after being hired by the pastor to attract new members to their church.  Yet, in the heart of a hopeless Philadelphia neighborhood, choking from poverty and low expectations, the two have different ideas of how to reach out. The veteran uses unconventional and nontraditional…

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Take the Mommy Test: What Kind of Mom Are You?

Countless women get bogged down in the Pinterest-perfect image of what a mother should be. They feel guilt for failing at cloth diapers, dreading school plays and missing the days of going to the bathroom by themselves, and as a result feel they aren’t a “natural mom.” Brittz, however, shows readers the idea of a…

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The Courage to Lead When No One Wants to Follow

Leaders benefit when things are going well; when what they have implemented actually works. But leaders are scrutinized when their vision looks too hard or too risky.  And sometimes, the leader begins to follow his or her followers when the pressure becomes too thick.  But it takes courage to press forward.  Courage is all about…

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Purpose Sells, Not Products

You know that Purpose is what God has called you to do.  And you know that when you have Purpose, it feels right.  And You may have realized that when you lead with purpose, things seem to happen.  Doors begin to open that have always been shut, everything begins to fall into place, and you…

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Overall Consistency Builds a Great Brand for Business

It was so exciting to my kids that the schools were closed on Good Friday and Monday.  They looked forward to getting Easter baskets and eating lots and lots of candy.  My daughter’s class actually had an Easter Egg Hunt at school on Wednesday; on Thursday, each class flowered a cross in memory of Jesus’s…

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