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God’s Calling…What’s Preventing You From Salvation?

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Can you answer them? Are you prepared to answer them? As Christians, sharing the gospel is not compulsory (if you feel like it), it’s mandatory. It is ultimately selfish of us to keep Christ to ourselves when there are millions of hurting people out there that need hope and don’t know where to find it.…

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When Supernatural Battle Lines Are Drawn…


Do You Know What You Are Fighting Against? “Stuff” is flying at you with dizzying speed… First, it’s the argument with your spouse in which the two of you STILL aren’t talking… and no one wants to “give in”. Then, it’s a health issue with your parent that you have to deal with. Just when…

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“I Was Wrong”: Saying The 3 Dreaded Words


It is quite the humbling experience to find yourself having to utter the phrase, “I was wrong”, after a drawn-out fight attempting to prove just how right you were… Only to realize that you weren’t. We strive so hard to prove that we are blameless no matter what the situation or circumstance that we can…

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Little Space, Please! Healthy Boundaries In Marriage


Do you feel as if your spouse is a little “too much in your personal space”? It happens, and often quite innocently enough. Many couples have the urge to yell, “Back off!” to their spouse, but are unsure as to whether their response is valid or not. You don’t want to offend the other person,…

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