This is probably the biggest mystery in the area of financial success: how do you balance the demands of work and family?  Most people would say, “That’s not financial success, that’s just success.”… And you would be right.  However, if  you are successful in business, odds are, you are financially successful as well- or at least somewhat stable.  Additionally, if we are successful where we are employed, chances are that our workload and responsibilities are increasing as well, which means that we need to put more time into our jobs in order to maintain a certain standard of living.  Sometimes, this can come with a cost to our family, but only if we allow it to.

It’s actually humorous, when we think back to how we began our careers.  Most of us worked hard to be able to provide for our families, and to eventually work ourselves into a place where we can enjoy the money that we earn.  We begin by thinking that life gets easier when we have money- which is true to a certain degree.  However, when you begin your career, you aren’t looking at a true picture.  Scripture even says that he who is faithful with little will be given much.  We equate that to money, but that is also true of responsibilities.  The more money we receive, the harder we need to work because more is expected of us- we are trusted with more.  So, sometimes, we need to put in more hours than we used to just to get the job done.  While responsibility isn’t a bad thing, neglecting your family never turns out well.

In an attempt to provide, sometimes we please our employers more than our family.  Your employer demands that the work is finished- they are relying on you, and God says that we are to work with excellence unto the Lord.  However, our families are looking for time, love, and attention.  This ends up making us feel caught in the middle.  The push-pull tug of war increases, as do the tensions in one area or another.  So what can we do to please both sides?  Can there be a balance?

Chris Benton discusses how a balance between work and family can be achieved- and yes, it is possible! You don’t have to sacrifice one for another.  Your employer wants you to do your job, and oftentimes, all your family really wants is for you to be there/spend some time with them.  If we can maintain a balance, and create healthy boundaries, we can have it all.

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