The United States wants to ban the Confederate flag which has already been removed from its post in South Carolina. It has additionally been removed from NASCAR.

In the original sense, the Confederate flag was simply a battle flag for the Confederate States of America. The secession from the union was not about slavery, but about States’ rights. The Confederate States thought the central government was getting to powerful.

Although a few people have used the flag in a negative connotation, most Southerners fly the flag to represent their heritage. Southerners fly the flag because they are proud that their ancestors stood up for what they believed in.

Since the banning of the flag at NASCAR events, NASCAR has witnessed a dramatic decline in viewers. Many Southerners believe that NASCAR and the Confederate flag go hand in hand. The Confederate flag and NASCAR being both from the south.

Our Two Cents:
From a Christian standpoint, I believe that we can not take a symbol from one group of people while embracing others. There has been no debate to remove flags from other nationalities. I feel that taking the Confederate flag away would take away the one thing that reminds Southerners of their heritage. The Bible tells us not to judge anyone. If one were to assume the Confederate flag stands for negative reasons, by the same standard are we not saying all Southerners do.The judging and mistreatment of our peers, and from inside of us. It is not the flag that needs removing, It is the general thinking of the public. any material thing can be turned into a negative thing.there is a very simple solution. we need to return to what we were taught as children and the Golden Rule ” Treat others as you would like to be treated.”


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