Jesus’ death and resurrection assured us of our salvation in Heaven.  In short, we know that when we die, our spirits will spend an eternity with God in Heaven and that the only thing we lose is our physical body.  However, many people wonder what happened to those who died before Jesus’ death and resurrection?  Surely Moses, Elijah, Elisha, David, Solomon, and others didn’t go into Hell!  But if there was no salvation in Heaven yet, and the likelihood that God would have them spend eternity in Hell (after all, what kind of reward would that be to the faithful?), then where did their spirit ascend to?

There are several theories on this matter.  Some say they went to a place called, “Abraham’s bosom” which was similar to a holding container.  Others believe that it’s purgatory, which is a place set aside between Heaven and earth wherein we are purged from our sins (God cannot be in the presence of sin).  Yet others comment that it’s neither.  So which version is correct?

resurrectionTo answer the question of what happened pre resurrection, David Levandusky delves deep into the scriptures to find out what happened to all of these great men and women of God when they died.  He will also discuss how Jesus’ resurrection defeated death and why.  Then, rounding out this article, he depicts life without Christ- those that chose not to believe or who don’t know Jesus- what type of life awaits them when they die.  He describes what Hell is truly like as outlined in scripture, and the importance of salvation.

For those who doubt that there is a life after death, what do you have to lose by believing in God?  Now let me tell you what you have to gain: joy, peace, happiness, prosperity, hope… and the list goes on.  On our own, there are moments of hopelessness, despair, being overwhelmed, depression, and stress.  Yet even as Christians, while we still experience all of these things, there is a confidence that God will make our tomorrow better- and He is faithful to do so.  The pain is only there for a season, but God is there for an eternity.

If your argument is that there is no God, then you can chose a life of struggles, living for yourself, and highs.  You will be in control of your life and the decisions therein- whether they make sense or not.  If you are right, your life consists of ups and downs.  As a Christian, you know that no matter what comes at you in life, there is always hope.  You surrender to a God who loves you, who can make you whole, and who does miracles- I’ve seen them happen.  Life, no matter what, is filled with joy.

And, if by some small chance there is no God, then at least Christians have lived their life with hope, peace, love and joy.  However, if you are wrong, and there is a God, then your eternity will be in one of a very dark place, wherein you will experience torture, and hear the gnashing of teeth (among other unpleasantries).

What eternity will you choose?

Our next issue on Christ’s death and resurrection comes out March 26, 2018.


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