As parents, we want the very best for our children.  We want them to know their purpose in life, because in it, they will find great joy.  We want them to meet the right people, have the right opportunities, have good, godly friends, and turn out to have good, moral character.  So how can you guarantee this type of future?

Many parents are under the notion that we can just pray prayers of protection over our children, and hope that they turn out o.k.  A base level of prayer asks God to prevent them from falling into the “wrong crowd” or that they don’t come home pregnant.  God wants more for your children… but He needs you to pray it forward into their future.

It isn’t just enough to pray that God protects them when they are not with us.  It isn’t enough to pray that they get good grades, or make friends with the “right” kind of children.  There is more as parents that we can do.

Mindy Wallace discusses the importance of praying a blessing over our children daily.  In her article, she discusses why this makes a difference in the outcome of our children, and why our prayers are so effective in their futures.  We know that there is power in our words, so as parents we need to be mindful that our words are blessings to our children- not curses!

Additionally, Mindy will guide you into what scriptures to pray over your children so that they will grow up to be godly adults on fire for God!

What more could a parent ask for?

Mindy’s article and more will be featured in our upcoming September edition available on August 28th.


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