You May Feel Broken, But You Are Not Abandoned!

The mistake that many new Christians make is that they think that living a life in Christ will be easier than living in the world. For many of us, we’ve seen and experienced the miracles that God creates. We’ve experienced His goodness, love, and mercy over our lives, so of course we are optimistic in our new life.

The true test of our faith is when things aren’t going well. Can we hold on to our faith during a storm? If a Christian is unprepared for this season- one wherein Satan tries to steal your faith (because God built it up to weather the storm), then they will give up and go back into the world.

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This Faith Thing Doesn’t Work!

Many new Christians cling on to the few scriptures they know. However, without strong support of their church community, many experience one crushing blow after another designed to separate them from God. The “roses and sunshine” feeling soon washes away and is replaced by a familiar foe named fear.

Fear replaces their faith, and while they can battle for awhile, many give up shortly before their breakthrough. Broken and feeling alone again, they wonder why they even thought that God existed in the first place. The world was more predictable, after all, and not quite as hard.

But Brokenness Isn’t Just Reserved For The New Believer!

Just because you’ve walked with God for a long time, and had a relationship with Him doesn’t mean that you won’t be tested, either. Scripture never said that we would not endure hardships! But it does say that we were meant to be overcomers!

We Think That No One Has Gone Through What We Are Experiencing

That’s what Satan wants you to believe. But here are the facts:

  • Experiencing persecution/bullying? Jesus did all the time. Not only did the Pharasees persecute Him, but his own disciple turned on Him by denying Him three times. “I do not know Him.” How harsh is that?
  • Are being falsely accused and you are innocent? Jesus (again) and many of the apostles. Stephen was stoned for his faith, Paul was beaten and imprisoned. Jesus, who was blameless, suffered needlessly from a crowd who wanted Him to die! “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”
  • Had everything taken away from you? Can’t be any worse than what Job experienced: the loss of his family, possessions, servants, disease, etc. Job had everything stripped from Him- yet He still remained steadfast.
  • Not receiving that “big break” promotion? People conspiring against you? Look no further than Joseph. God gave him a big dream of a bright future. His brothers sold him into slavery, he was accused by Potipher’s wife, thrown into prison, and forgotten about.
  • Waiting for God’s promises? David is the perfect example. David was anointed to be king many years before it actually manifested. In that time he was envied, persecuted, and mocked. Yet he remained a man after God’s heart. Abraham and Sarah are another example of waiting a long time for a promise.
  • And the list goes on.

All of these biblical figures could have been broken. Job could have fallen away after the loss of his sons, daughters, and possessions. He could have asked God why He was doing this to him. If fact, his own wife urged him to curse God and die. However, Job would not.

Joseph could have looked at his circumstances and given up. He could have thought that the vision that he had received must have been false- and that he would amount to nothing. All of his dreaming was foolishness- but it wasn’t.

Abraham and Sarah waited years for the birth of Isaac. Sarah even laughed at the thought of conceiving a child in her old age. The promise was wonderful at first, but it wore thin as the years progressed. Should they have given up?

All of these people could have been broken. They could have let their circumstances dictate their future… But they chose not to. They remained believing in God for their manifestation.

What they suffered is not uncommon to anything that we ourselves are facing. What determined our success or failure is what we choose to believe.

You may be broken now due to your circumstances, but every season has an ending. If you are broken, God will heal your wounds. You just have to believe in Him and feel His love wash over you. If you are discouraged, ask for strength/peace and He will give you hope.

There is nothing God cannot do.

Deanne Williams discusses how the love of Christ heals emotional wounds and brokenness. She will tell you how to walk in your healing, and how to regain lost hope.

Deanne will also give you scriptures to meditate on to gain your strength, and feel peace in the middle of the worst situations.

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