Once signed, the Controversial bill will initiate sex ed beginning in kindergarten

A highly controversial bill requiring all Washington public schools to initiate sex education beginning in Kindergarten was approved by the Senate over the weekend (KREM-TV). It has now passed into the hands of governor Jay Inslee.

“I’m offended at the pornography that we’re going to be forced to teach our children,” commented Republican state Representative Robert Sutherland. “I’m offended at what this government is doing to the parents out there.”

What are the changes?

Happy nursery teacher with her group of children in a kindergarten

What makes the bill controversial is that the curriculum will focus on teaching kindergarten kids about boys’ and girls’ bodies, that gender is on a spectrum, and open for interpretation by the individual. Older students will learn more about LGBTQ, contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual consent.

Faithwire reports that in the first year, students in grades six to twelve will be taught the new curriculum. All students will be enrolled in it by the following year. Additionally, parents are not permitted to opt their children out of the classes.

“Who will decide what is age-appropriate, where there is clearly going to be differences in opinion?” Republican state Senator Steve o’Ban commented. “Should that be a government-mandated decision from [the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction] or should that be based upon the values of parents as reflected in their school boards and schools? We’ve always believed that the best government is the one that is local.”

Democrats, on the other hand, believe that it will help students to avoid trauma.

“What we don’t have time for is to continue with statistics that have continued for years, because we are too afraid to teach anything in our schools, and so as a result of that, one in four girls get raped by the time they’re a senior in high school,” retorted Democratic state Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self.

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