Heavenly Father, today we pray over our children.  Help guide our steps in training them up to be mighty men and women for God.  Reveal to us your plan and purpose over their lives.  Enable us to help them to walk in your plans over them.
Teach us to speak in love when we need to correct them- not anger.  Let our words be heard and not ignored.  Teach us to raise children with godly character, and who honor you.  Teach our children to respect authority, and to mature in their relationship with you.
We pray that they always keep you in the center of their lives, and that they turn to You when they need answers.  May they know that You supply all their needs according to your riches and glory.  May their actions and behavior glorify you at all times.  May they praise you with their lips, their heart, and with their soul.
Guide their steps in all righteousness, Lord, and may they never depart from it.  May your heavenly hosts protect them at all times and watch over them.  May they never depart from you, nor doubt that you are God over their life.
God, we pray favor over them and call them blessed.  May they walk in supernatural health and healing.  May each person that comes into contact with them call them blessed.  May they be a shining light and testament to you at all times.
Give them the boldness to share the gospel with others.  We pray they are surrounded by wise, godly friends that speak the Word into their lives.  May their friends bring the Word, encouragement, strength, peace, and life into their lives.  May their friends be a blessing to them.  Equally, may they be that friend as well.
May no evil depart from their lips, nor any deceit.
Guide their choices in a mate, and reveal to them the person that you have selected for them.
May they always know the love of Christ, and be confident in who you designed them to be.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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