Jeremy-Von-Sammy whose artist name is JVS, wrote the song “Blessing me” as a gift to the Lord for blessing him so dearly. It liberated him from the brink and brought back to be a witness to God’s everlasting love and faith to his people.  The song is a mostly unadorned tribute to our Savior. It is heartfelt in its simplicity, it is a love letter to the Lord.   

The beauty of this artist’s devotion to God is evident in the song and I hope some of it can brush off on me.  It is Jeremy’s desire to bless those who listen as he blesses the Lord.  

PRos of “blessing Me”

“Blessing me” is a great praise and worship song. When you want to just focus on God, it is a great single.   I really liked this catchy tune and found myself singing it as the afternoon wore on.   The lyrics are as follows, “When I look at my life, you’ve been there for me.  I can never repay the love shown to me.  For the rest of my life, I’ll serve you daily.  I will honor your name and praise you always.  You keep on blessing me, guiding me, strengthening me.”   There is lovely piano music in the background. There is also some xylophone as well as other instrumentation.  

Jeremy is a seventh-day Adventist and was born and raised in East London.  This is the first recorded song from this talented twenty-year-old.  The song is inspired by Isiah 54:10, “Though the mountains are shaken, and the hills are removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.”  

In a world that has been turned upside and stability seems a passing memory, the presence of God is constant. The cover shows a cartoon of a man cocooning in the comfort of his home while the world is in chaos.  


I felt sheltered and safe as well while listening to this sweet song of praise.  Jeremy found that he was passionate about music at a young age. This has fueled his lifelong desire to present his music to a global audience.  His music falls in the genre of gospel salted with the sound of his Ghanese descent.  

It can be viewed below, or on YouTube at:

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