Jesus Told Us To Go Out Into The World And Preach The Gospel. Are You Bold Enough To?

We want to be, but many of us are not. If you reside in North America, we tend not to really share our faith. Why? Some reasons include that it’s not popular, we fear persecution, fear of rejection, uncertainty, and feeling ill-equipped. In other areas, it could be that you fear not only persecution, but death for your faith. But if you only knew the magnitude of the impact that you could have on someone else’s life, would you be so hesitant?


Can One Person Make A Difference

Absolutely! We underestimate what God can do in a person’s life. We recognize the impact that God has in our life, but are hesitant to share Him with others. We don’t see what a difference He can make in other’s lives- we almost become selfish- and fail to share the victory with someone who may badly need it.

You May Never Know How Bad Things Really Are

You don’t generally hear about all of the trials people go through, or how bad it really is. Who wants to talk about financial ruin, their spouse leaving, their marriage being in trouble, or rebellious children? We don’t want to show vulnerability in public, nor do many of us want to share our “dirty laundry”. So we don’t talk about the real issues that we face, and as a result no one really knows about what’s going on inside.

The person that you feel God is calling you to minister to may be secretly feeling suicidal. They may be having an affair, or contemplating having one. They may be feeling the sting of a betrayal, or are worried about how to save their house- never mind how they are paying their bills. They may feel like they are drowning, and God has made you the life-preserver. But only if you are obedient.

Will you be, when the time comes?

Objections Will Come, But Don’t Become Discouraged

Our July issue deals with reasons as to why people don’t want to come to Christ, and how to overcome their objections. People have a myriad of reasons as to why they never give their lives ranging from the “all Christians are hypocrites”, to “God wasn’t there when I needed Him/He took something away”.

God wants every believer to be saved. Do you have the same heart? If you knew what a difference you could make in someone’s life, would you/could you be bold enough to share your faith?

Will YOU be the change? Will you be the one to bring someone to salvation?

Our next issue comes out on June 26, 2019. Now who are you going to share the gospel with? What about the next issue? Will you join with us in praying that unbelievers will come to know Christ through the publication?

Will you be bold?

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