Pray A To Z Makes Praying Over Others Easy and Effective

The Background: The book, Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Pray For Your Community, arose from a need by the author to engage in meaningful prayer for those around her, and not “fly-by”prayer. Author Amelia Rhodes realized one day that she had more prayer requests than she had time for, and was subsequently…

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Author Rhonda Stoppe Provides Helpful Tips on Successful Marriage

Author and speaker, Rhonda Stoppe is dedicated to helping women live a “no regrets” life.  Rhonda has 20 years experience as a mom, mentor, and pastor’s wife. Rhonda’s expertise is in helping people: Discover significance in God and His plan for your life. Connecting biblical principles to daily decisions. Developing a loving marriage that others…

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How To Protect Your Children From Ungodly Online Technology

Did You Know… 46% of teens would alter their online actions if their parents were more attentive. 80% of parents report that they do know how to monitor their children’s online activities. 33% of parents say they are concerned or have questions about their child’s technology usage over the past year. 88% of teens believe…

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