Toxic relationships aren’t limited to between spouses.  They can and do exist between parents and children as well.
Toxic parenting is a parenting style whose negative behavior inflicts emotional damage to their children generating a low self-worth.  It comes in the forms of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, and parents who are inadequate, or ignore their children’s emotional needs.
Toxic parents establish a negative form of communication leaving scars of guilt and shame within them.  Sometimes, there is a heightened level of cruelty towards their own children as well in the form of neglect, isolation, and control.
Toxic parenting is often passed down through the generations, yet few people make the connection between their parent’s style and their own emotional distress.  The level of emotional distress often becomes apparent once the child becomes a parent themselves.
There are many destructive patterns associated with toxic parent-child relationships at the adult level.  If boundaries are never set, the toxicity can seep into a marriage resulting in an ongoing struggle for control wherein the “child” becomes the pawn.  The spouse wants their partner’s loyalty (leave and cleave), and yet the parents do not want to let go of their control.  When threatened, the parents resorts to several tactics to inflict shame and guilt on their child resulting in division between married couples.
Our February issue deals with the effects of a toxic parent-child relationship, and describes the effects.  We will teach you how to overcome the negative voices inside of your head, the critical attitude, and setting appropriate boundaries within the relationship.  We will also discuss what a healthy relationship looks like, and how reconciliation may be possible.
Our February issue comes out January 26, 2017 and centers around restoring various types of relationships.

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