A little more than two years ago Bethel Music introduced to us Bethel Music Kids. Now, those same kids are becoming young men and women. Not only have they grown, but their music has too. It’s fitting that they reintroduce themselves as Bright Ones and their new self-titled album releases on April 27, 2018.

Anything produced by Bethel Music can be trusted to give praise to our Almighty God and Bright Ones delivers. This album targets the younger generations with new songs and several covers of Bethel Music’s most popular releases.

Not only is this album a testament to Bethel Music’s ability to lift praise up to Jesus Christ but it also is a soundtrack. In May 2018, the music featured in this album will be part of the musical film “Bright Ones“.


Bright Ones (Remixed Cover, original by Steffany Gretzinger) This song is different from most of the album. The melodies are slower and more relaxed. It’s the opening track and is an introduction to Bright Ones as a group. When keeping in mind that this album is a soundtrack, the lyrics in this song offer insight to the themes presented in the entire album.

Get Your Hopes Up (Remixed Cover, original by Josh Baldwin) The best word to describe this song is uplifting. It’s a great song to use when starting your day to remind you that each day has something fresh and new. In addition, with Christ in our hearts, we are able to face anything this world can throw at us.

You’re Going to be Okay (Remixed Cover, original by Brian and Jenn Johnson) This song is important, especially for our youth. In this day and age, young men and women face many challenges and this song addresses the feelings hidden in their struggles. It encourages the hopeless heart and tames the storms inside.

No Longer Slaves (Remixed Cover, original by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser) The original of this song is probably my favorite worship song. Being a creature of habit, I was concerned that this wouldn’t meet my expectations. I was wrong. The song starts off beautifully but after the first chorus, something amazing happens – the beat drops. Suddenly I’m surrounding by powerful bass with a dubstep feel. I looked over at my 17-year-old son, whose jaw is hanging wide open. His reaction was pure excitement and awe. This had my son and me worshipping together.

We Dance (Remixed Cover, original by Steffany Gretzinger) A much faster paced remix as compared to the original. It reminds us of the victory we have in Christ and describes this relationship on a personal level. Despite the title, the song really isn’t a dance song.

Let My Life (Original adaptation of the classic hymn Take my Life and Let it Be) The R&B genre makes its presence known via this adaptation of a classic hymn. The added lyrics bring new life to this song and makes you want to praise Jesus with hands raised and feet moving! There’s also a choir singing along with Bright Ones. It’s a fun and happy song.

Never Gonna Stop (Original to Bright Ones) Our Lord is a relentless pursuer of our heart and this song lifts that fact up with exciting melodies and inspiring lyrics.

Spirit Move (Remixed Cover, Original by Kalley Heiligenthal) Joyful anticipation is the theme of this song. We know our Father works in everything and this song testifies to that. It’s true, the Holy Spirit moves and will continue to move in all things. We can expect to see His hands in everything because we know Him!

Magnetic (Original to Bright Ones) As Christians we know how amazing God’s love is and it draws us closer to Him. This song describes His love as magnetic, always attracting our hearts and pulling us closer to Him.

He Loves Me All the Time (Original to Bright Ones) With the upbeat tempo and soft melodies, it’s easy to find yourself singing along with this particular song. He is always with us and as His followers we are eager to share that with the world. The song reminds each of us that He is for us and His love never changes.

Who You Are (Remixed Cover, Original by Jenn Johnson) Remixed with electronic and pop elements, this song directly encourages the heart of the believer by reminding us who Jesus Christ is. The many names and attributes of our Lord and Father are described well in this song. The original recorded by Jenn Johnson is softer and much longer.

For the One (Remixed Cover, Original by Brian & Jenn Johnson) There isn’t a vast amount of difference between the original and this remix. The melodies are the same, but this version has far more bass and a more techno or pop feel to it. The song reminds us to love others like Jesus Christ loves us. We are His children and the lyrics celebrate that.

I Will Tell the Nations (Original to Bright Ones) This song makes me think of the Great Commission. We are called to share the Good News in every corner of the Earth. We can’t keep our Savior to ourselves. Listening to this song may encourage you to become bold in sharing your faith. You may break out into spontaneous praise.


Remixes are quite popular among youth. Kids today have access to many different versions of their favorite songs. If you look around YouTube, there are DJs remixing songs with techno or dubstep elements. There’s something for everyone. If you don’t care for a particular version of a song but like the lyrics, you’ll be able to find a version you do like.

Bethel Music has identified this and now is reaching out to youth in a relatable way. They’re meeting the youth where they are and giving them what they like. Even better, they’re giving our youth tools to share Jesus.

The songs original to Bright Ones are equally engaging and exciting, all with strong biblically based meanings and themes. In many ways, this music is a way kids can witness to their friends.

This isn’t your grandmother’s worship music, it may not even be your mother’s. With a blend of pop, techno, and even dubstep; this album will encourage youth to worship at a whole new level. I may not be the target audience for this album but I was encouraged and can’t wait to share it with my kids.

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