New York Times Best-Selling author, Brigitte Gabriel released her book, “Rise: In Defense of Judea-Christian Values and Freedoms” on September 11, 2018. Her book stemmed from examining an extremely dysfunctional Supreme Court nomination process, along with the accompanying anger that people displayed on both sides of the political spectrum.

The church has had the incredible task of helping people see through the political agendas to view what is really at stake: an attack on the nation’s Judea-Christian values and freedoms. Freedoms that the country was founded upon.

Brigitte Gabriel

“Rise” Reveals Brigitte Gabriel’s Passion For Uniting America- And Fighting For The Freedoms That America Was Built Upon

Rise provides the background as to why America is in its current state, and provides readers with real data that will equip them to deal with efforts by America’s enemies to undermine the nation as a whole, and at every level of society.

Rise will inspire readers to unite with others who desire to preserve our Judea-Christian heritage and freedoms.

The United States marked 17 years after 9/11, when the country was united despite the tragedy that occurred in New York.

“After 9/11, Americans were more unified than they’d been since World War II,” Gabriel said. “Flags flew on almost every porch. Patriotic bumper stickers were on every car. Signs and shirts of ‘God Bless America’ were common, and athletes and fans stood proudly for our national anthem. The pews of America’s churches and places of worship were filled on Sunday—and throughout the week, too. Prayer was undoubtedly back at many dinner tables, and people lined up to give blood and help their fellow citizens. We all felt as lucky to be Americans as we did to be alive. We held our loved ones more tightly and waved our flags more proudly.

“Political disagreements of the past,” she continued, “were suddenly meaningless. All that mattered was our American identity. We realized that what unified us was so much stronger and more important than what divided us. Unfortunately, even though that time of unity came about because of a terrible black mark on our history, it is gone. Will it ever return? America’s churches and synagogues, pastors and rabbis, may be the ones to help unite us again under one common tie that binds—our love for God and country and the Judeo-Christian foundation that unites us as one American family.”

In her book, Gabriel urges readers to fight for what is important, and to unite again.

Benedict Musee was able to discuss Brigitte Gabriel’s latest book. In our interview, she passionately shares her past, and her desire to see America united again. She discusses how the foundations upon which the United States was built upon are being eroded, and what Christians can do about it.

Brigitte Gabriel’s inspiring interview will be featured in our January issue being released on December 27th.

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