Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a podcast, blog, and resource site created to empower parents in all stages of their child’s development.  Brilliantly Brave Parenting recognizes that it’s difficult to balance the demands of work, home, and life while maintaining a Christian faith.  Outside influences, society and media all bombard our family with images that are outside of God’s design, and teaching our children to walk in their faith can often be a daunting task.

Brilliantly Brave ParentingBrilliantly Brave Parenting is hosted by Robert Beeson and Dr. Brad Mathias, and is designed to inspire, encourage and support parents with sound, godly advice.  Beeson and Mathias interview some of the leading voices in the faith arena, including everyday parents who have witnessed the miraculous in their own family.  Their testimonies will lift your up, and draw you closer to God as you realize that if God can do it for their family, He will do it for mine.

“We’re ready to dive in and explore new topics this season, we wanted to get more in-depth, and have some fun with our guests! Parents today sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against them. We strive to become a ‘go-to’ resource for families of Faith.” Brad Mathias

“We were so encouraged by the amount of people who tuned into Season 1 of the podcast, that we decided to expand the show for season 2. We hope that Brilliantly Brave can build up a community of parents who are focused on raising kids with a biblical worldview!”Co-Host Robert Beeson

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is an “offshoot” of Tween Gospel Alliance and iShine.  Tween Gospel Alliance contains a partnership of ministries committed to helping tweens encounter Jesus Christ and scripture.  iShine is the world’s largest pre-teen Christian media group.

Season Two has had some stellar guests such as Thomas Purifoy (Film Producer/Researcher, Is Genesis History?), Bob Gresh (Co-Creator, Secret Keeper Girl, Born To Be Brave), and Christi Lynn (Focus on the Family, Adventures In Odyssey)… Just to name a few.  The topics are varied with each speaker, yet incredibly impactful!  Each episode can be viewed on iTunes, or through their website.

Faith Filled Family Magazine was honoured to interview both Robert Beeson and Dr. Brad Mathias who gave us insight into this powerful ministry, and the vision behind it.  The interview will both empower parents, and their podcast will be an inspiration to parents everywhere.

Brilliantly Brave Parenting will be highlighted in our March Issue coming out on February 26, 2018.


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