Britt Nicole’s self-titled album has officially released! This is her fourth studio album, and it definitely did not disappoint. This highly-anticipated deluxe compilation of high-energy tracks and catchy hooks features 14 new songs, including the quickly beloved lead single “Through Your Eyes.” “There was no box [with this album], no rules. I just wrote from my heart and had fun,” Britt says of the album. “I titled this record Britt Nicole because there is a part of me in every song. I felt a lot of freedom in the writing — There are songs about my husband, my kids, my friends, my struggles and my faith. It is a true representation of who I am.” The album released October 7th.
 Through Your Eyes: With its upbeat intro leading into a catchy chorus, this is a perfect song to start off the album. Not only is it a fun song, but the central message is a positive one about seeing ourselves the way God sees us. This is one song listeners can’t help but sing all day long.
All the Money: This is a song focusing on how the most important things can’t be bought. Particularly she talks about how “all the money in the world couldn’t buy what I love about you.” Its message could almost be considered a love song, but not a sweet, sappy one. Rather, it is a fun song explaining how true love cannot be purchased by money or tangible materials.
Better: A slower song that hits you right in the heart…Britt’s voice is especially raw and pure. She talks about some tough parts of life, but the heart message of this song is encouraging. No matter what we are going through, it will get better. We have to hope. The instrumental melodies in the background contribute significantly to the mood of this song. Personally one of my favorites.
Work of Art: If you are feeling down about your purpose or your worth, this song is for you. She reiterates the idea that our identity is found in the Creator and that you are special. Let this song be your anthem.
Fallin in Love: This has a very “pop” feel to it. It begins with a simple beat and gradually builds. This is an adorable song about falling in love. Even though it is specific to Britt, it is general enough that it could apply to anyone and their spouse or significant other. There is a great instrumental riff incorporated and her vocals added in on the bridge that make you want to dance.
Be the Change: Very uplifting all around—musically and lyrically. To describe this song in one word: inspiring. The message is very motivating and encourages that we can make a difference. The driving beat fits well with what this song is portraying.
All Day: This song is quite a change from the last several. It is a very different sound with a more moderate tempo. Several unique sounds fill this song. There is a more personal touch to this song as she seems to be singing to her children. Overall, unique sounds, unique melody lines, unique lyrics.
Pave: This is an extremely likeable song from the beginning beat. You can’t help but start tapping your toe as soon as it starts. Before long, your whole self will be moving with the rhythm. It gives off an adventurous appeal, especially lyrically. Listeners will feel as though they are a part of this journey, and there is still room for them to make it apply to their own lives. One of my favorites for sure.
No Filter: This is a little more mellow, more somber. This talks about how we come across to the public…are we portraying ourselves as who we really are? She talks about letting go of the show we sometimes put on and picturing ourselves with “no filter on.” This speaks volumes because photos, filters, and social media are a huge part of today’s culture. Lyrically, this is very relatable.
Girls Night Out: Quite a shift from the last song into an entertaining, enjoyable song. This song is for the girls. And you’re probably going to want to turn up the beats all the way in your car. It is perfect for exactly the title—a girl’s night out. Grab a friend or two, or seven and jam out. Friendship is so important and sometimes you just need time with your girlfriends.
After You: Honest, deep, and a beautiful. The focus is on God’s incredible love and how He is the only thing that can satisfy us. Her core line “so I’m not after the world, I’m after you” is a fitting illustration. This is a very moving song, and could be considered more of a worship style. The pure sound of her voice is the icing on the cake for the message she is conveying.
Concrete (Deluxe): This is full of all kinds of positive messages. Although this may be considered a love song, its tone is a little more serious. She emphasizes that no matter what they are going through, they will make it because their relationship is solid like concrete. This is an interesting metaphor and gives a thought-provoking perspective. It is both sweet and stirring.
Heart of Stone (Deluxe): There is a bit of techno feel to this song. A rap happens in the bridge adding a unique element. More than the captivating melodies, the central message is that God is the one who can take our hearts of stone and break them for Him and His people. After dealing with heartbreaks, it is easy to want to make our hearts stone so that we won’t feel broken. But essentially this song is saying that we can trust every part of our hearts to Jesus.
Electric Love (Deluxe): More of an electronic feel. Britt does an exceptional job of making her songs have the same musical style as the mood/lyrics of what she wants to express. This song is just one example of the many that she uses with this technique. This song is an upbeat, cute love song.

Positives: There is a positive element in literally every song. She gets at some serious issues and struggles, relating well with listeners. Also this album is filled with encouragement, and love is a common thread in some form or another throughout each song. Also, there are fun and upbeat, simply enjoyable songs that are more lighthearted. Listeners will appreciate her mixture of multiple themes and styles in this project. All of her messages point to Jesus who is our ultimate hope and the reason for our joy. This is evident in her album as she shares a piece of her heart.
Negatives: Honestly, I don’t see any real negatives about this album. There is enough variety in the songs that there is just about one for every type of listener. Several are made up of a more “pop-ish” style, so some might not be a big fan of it, but others may love that aspect. Personally, I like what she did with her style in this.
One thing I love about Britt Nicole is her ability to make every listener feel special. It is as though she is speaking directly to you through her songs. This album as a whole is the perfect example of that. With a great combination of upbeat fun songs with positive messages, as well as the songs that cut straight to your heart, you won’t want to miss out on “Britt Nicole.”

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