California homeschool families came out in droves to protest what has been deemed “the most outrageous homeschooling bill ever introduced”.  California’s AB 2756 would subject homeschool families to involuntary home inspections.  The bill was authored by Democrat assemblyman Jose Medina from the Riverside area, and was created after a case of horrific child abuse was reported in his district involving a homeschool family.

Medina voiced his concerns about the lack of oversight California state has monitoring homeschool and private school institutions.  While the incident is unfortunate, there are no statistics to prove that California homeschool families have a higher rate of child abuse.  The bill has been amended to state that California homeschool families are required to be identified by submitting their name and address.

California homeschool families were concerned about this bill, as they viewed it as another government attempt to educate their children in the manner that they so choose.  Families spilled out into packed hallways and overflow rooms just to have an opportunity to have a voice on the matter of the government having more power over parents who choose to homeschool.  The bill originally attempted to mandate fire inspections of homeschool families (firefighters rejected this).

Advocates of the bill attempted to utilize the Turpin case to boost their claim that homeschools needed to be more closely monitored.  The Turpin family had used homeschooling as an excuse to torture and starve their children.  However, Kevin Kiley (R) commented that using this family to instate this law was simply not good policy.

“That is an extreme outlier case. Any data set will have extreme outlier cases,” He commented to Breaking Christian News.


Almost 1,000 people opposed the bill.

The line of people who opposed the bill was throughout the building.  By the end of the afternoon, only two people from the areas spoke supporting the bill.  After hours had passed, families were informed that “no member of the committee was willing to make a motion for a vote.”  The bill had been defeated.  All California homeschool families breathed a sigh of relief!


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