Shazzy Fitness: In the Beginning and A Time to Dance
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The New Year is often a time of self-reflection and goal setting. One of the most common goals after that delicious Christmas feast has ended is weight loss.

Our main stumbling blocks, every year, that prevent us from obtain our objective is lack of enthusiasm for exercise (not enjoyable) and no time.

But what if there were something different?

Shazzy Fitness makes exercise more enjoyable, and eliminates the “I have no time to workout” factor. Individuals can select a minimum of ten to twenty-five minute intervals, and get a full body intense workout with phenomenal results. Each segment consists of a high energy hip-hop dance routine to Christian music.
There are two DVD’s available, and both show instructions on how to do the moves, and step-by-step workout instructions. The third segment in the program just does the dance routine.
In the Beginning is the beginner version of the Shazzy Fitness program, and is very family friendly. The moves aren’t as high-impact as the second DVD and are extremely easy to follow. Children will find themselves drawn into the dance moves, and will stop seeing exercise as a chore, but more of a fun activity to engage in. It is also ideal if you are “mature” or have any health issues as well.
The nice part of this DVD is that not only is it easy, enjoyable and fun, it shows a variety of people from different age groups and “sizes”. The individual participating doesn’t see a bunch of skinny people working out leaving them feeling somewhat physically inadequate, but empowered with an attitude of “if they can do it, so can I”! It is not as intense as the other DVD, but still gives you a really good workout.
It is also ideal for families as even your children can use it- especially if you home school. Children enjoy learning the dance routine and it’s fun for them. I personally tried it with my own children, and they asked daily to workout to Shazzy Fitness whereas before the idea of exercise made them complain. Even my toddler was dancing to the music!
I also admit that it was fun for me as I became more involved in dancing to the music than thinking about the fact that I was “exercising”. I used the fitness program for several months and ended up with a more toned body. I lost inches off of my waist as well.
The most remarkable thing that happened was that my appetite, which usually increases when I exercise, had decreased allowing me to loose weight. I was simply not as hungry.
A Time to Dance has all of the features of the other DVD, but is a more fast paced, and high intensity workout. It is their more advanced form of exercise. It is still enjoyable and you will get a terrific workout, but it is more for someone who is looking for an advanced workout.
In both DVD’s the participants are modestly attired. There are no skimpy workout clothes or overly sexualized moves. The routine is very clean.
As far as workouts go, I would really recommend this program. After awhile you forget that you are working out and become engrossed in the music. I enjoy the fact that my entire family can work out together and actually have fun doing it. I don’t have to fight my children to be healthy, and as a mom I really like that.
I also enjoyed the results for myself. While it may not be typical, I couldn’t deny the benefits to my body and the increase in energy that I felt. I felt much healthier and I had to fight myself less to workout. I also enjoyed the ten minute intervals for my “busy days” knowing that I could still get a workout in and feel great about my positive decision.

The best part was that I had no reason not to exercise.