Have you ever said “I’m getting a cold”?
What about “I’m just not good at things like that”?
Or the ever popular “You are driving me nuts!”

Do you want to be sick? Do you not want to succeed or become more proficient at things? Do you want mental illness in your life?

This feature places an emphasis on minding what we speak… Even if it is in jest, anger, or otherwise. It will also discuss how to activate God’s blessings in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you meant it or not, once it is spoken, it exists. Therefore, we must be very conscious of what we speak into our world, and over others. Words can not only hurt individuals emotionally, but if they are believed, your words can negatively affect someone else.

It’s all in the words, so choose wisely and watch for this thought provoking article in the Winter issue of Faith Filled Family!