More Than A Number: The Church That Jesus Built

Pastor Michael LaBorn is married and a father of two small daughters about whose personal development he is passionate.  He has experienced the shock of undecipherable lumps in the chest and, several months later, the joy of hearing from his doctors that there is no longer any lump.   This means for him that every moment in…

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Steve Wohlberg Discusses Whether Armageddon Is Imminent

Author and theologian, Steve Wohlberg, had immersed himself in eschatology for over 40 years. One of his areas of expertise has been identifying the lamblike beast as described in Revelation 13:11… A beast that Wohlberg believes represents the United States. Wohlberg bases his opinion on the parallels found in Revelation 13 and Daniel 7. It…

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Suicide Or Jesus Christ Touches Issue Less Discussed


Faith Filled Family Magazine had the privilege of interviewing a remarkable young lady, Kenisha Birkonang. She is an unbelievably strong woman, and she loves Jesus. “Suicide or Jesus Christ” is the story of a woman, and her journey with mental illness, and the things that America sees, but they do not want to talk about…

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Financial Evangelist Discusses How To Prosper In A Recession

Ryan Mack

Financially, issues may be insurmountable for many people- especially in the somewhat aftermath of COVID-19. However, African American author/Financial Planner, Ryan Mack says the principles found in the Bible can protect us during a recession. Ryan Mack has created a devotional guidebook “Provisions for Abundance” which empowers readers to be part of the solution. He…

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How Can God Be A Rock Decodes Scripture For Kids

How Can God Be A Rock?

Ever had a child take what you said literally when you were speaking figuratively? Even though it can be endearing and amusing, we often fail to take note that their vocabulary is still developing. This can be what it’s like when they have the Bible read to them. There are many figures of speech and…

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