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Take A Big Breath Book Reduces Childhood Anxiety

Take A Big Breath

Take A Big Breath (20 Relaxation Exercises for Kids) is a wonderful book to teach children how to cope with anxiety.  Anxiety plagues our children in many ways from test taking, making friends, to pressures to conform.  With children facing more pressures than previous generations and feeling the stress of it, sometimes parents are often…

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Heartwarming Book Will Deeply Move You …And It’s Free!

abortion, heartwarming,book

This heartwarming book contains stories about a recollection of an artist who committed suicide after an abortion, a friend who dreamed about the artist and a pregnant girl in a dark woods, a Bishop who encountered a man on a train who accused the church of abandoning people in the dark woods… All this God did…

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Joni & Friends VP Discusses Families Coping With Disabilities

Family life can be changed in an instant when one of its members is diagnosed with a disability.  When confronted with someone with a disability in one’s family, it is normal for family members to have questions in terms of your role, and the unique needs for support.  Real Families, Real Needs by Joni and Friends…

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