How to Find Purpose in the Hand You’re Dealt


Written By: Jason Burbage Everyone has their own cross to bear, and their own tears and sorrow. I was born without any fingers, and for a time, that cross seemed unbearable.  The physical hardships of my condition—being very different—came with great emotional pain. It made me question the purpose of my own life. It also…

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Financial Evangelist Discusses How To Prosper In A Recession


Financially, issues may be insurmountable for many people- especially in the somewhat aftermath of COVID-19. However, African American author/Financial Planner, Ryan Mack says the principles found in the Bible can protect us during a recession. Ryan Mack has created a devotional guidebook “Provisions for Abundance” which empowers readers to be part of the solution. He…

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Are You Using Your Talents To God’s Fullest?


The book of Matthew is a very important book among the Gospel books. It explores many of Jesus’s core parables which today we still use both in our corporate and private devotions in learning how to be better children of God. One of the many such parables of Jesus with in-depth meanings is the Parable…

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Leadership: What You Don’t Know

Who do you trust… man or God?  Most of us would say “God” immediately.  But who do you trust in terms of promotion… man or God?  You see, most of us want to say, “God”, but in reality we really are putting our faith in man, and thus our worth.  If you know God, then…

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