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Children Reunited With Family After Homeschool Ruling


A German court judge granted custody to homeschoolers Dirk and Petra Wunderlich after their minor children were removed in 2013. The final victory came in a family court located in Darmstadt a few months after the European Court of Human Rights ruled against their appeal. An appeal before the Grand Chamber of the European Court…

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Students Punished For Objecting To Participate In LGBT Lesson


A British teacher punished two ten-year-old students by removing them from the classroom for a total of five days after objecting to participate in an LGBT-themed lesson because it went against their religion. The LGBT-themed lessons were part of Gay Pride Month according to parents and a British Christian organization. The fifth grade teacher from…

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Save Chick-fil-A Bill Passes Texas House


The “Save Chick-fil-A” bill, also known as SB 1978, would prevent government from targeting religious businesses for their donations to religious organizations. The bill passed Texas state House on Monday, and appears to be set to become law. The History Behind The Save Chick-fil-A Bill “Save Chick-fil-A bill” gained momentum in legislature after San Antonio’s…

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Senate Revives Controversial Save Chick-fil-A Bill


Senate Fast-Tracks Bill After House Denies It Over Procedure The Texas Senate appears to be speeding up a religious liberty bill that LGBTQ lawmakers in the Texas House quickly killed last week. The Texas House felt that passing of the bill would be dangerous to the community. House Bill 3172, also dubbed the “Save Chick-fil-A…

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Christian Group Protests Twitter’s Removal Of Unplanned


Did Twitter’s Actions Violate Freedom Of Speech? Pro-life and free speech activists plant hold a protest and news conference in front of Twitter’s Corporate Office located in Washington, DC. The event is to be held today, April 2, 2019 at 2:00pm at 800 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC. This protest is in response to the…

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Will Mary Poppins 3 Have A Gay Rights Angle?

Mary Poppins

Director Rob Marshall Certainly Hopes So! Rob Marshall, who directed Disney’s film, Mary Poppins Returns last year hopes that there will be a gay rights theme in the future film. Why A Gay Rights Angle In Mary Poppins 3? Rob Marshall, who is gay, directed the 2018 film which grossed $171 million. Disney so far…

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No Parental Consent For Teens Seeking Hormone Injections

Last week, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada ruled that a fourteen year-old girl can receive testosterone (hormone) injections without parental consent. The Federalist reported that a school counsellor encouraged the female to consider gender change, and Dr. Brenden Hursh (BC Children’s Hospital) agreed to provide the injections. Father Not Happy About Lack of…

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Live Ultrasounds Boldly Broadcast In Times Square


Live Ultrasounds Of Third-Trimester Babies Will Be Broadcast In A Bold Move By Focus On The Family! Focus on the Family President, Jim Daly, is gearing up to show live ultrasounds on monitors and screens across Times Square in response to the New York decision to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth. Daly…

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Being Happily Married


The America Stroke Association Indicates Married Men Are 2/3 Less Likely To Have A Stroke Than Single Men! February 7-14 has been named National Marriage Week. Experts are saying that we need a time to celebrate marriage because the institution itself is in jeopardy. In 1970, 78% of adults were married. Now the statistics indicate…

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Late-Term Abortion May Be Practised More Than We Know

late-term abortion

If you found New York’s decision for the legalization of abortion up until the day of birth shocking, there is more news to come. Former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson warns the public that this is nothing new. She comments that the issue is larger than what we realize. The Reproductive…

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