Supreme Court Overturns Roe Versus Wade

In a historic turn of events, a five-decade old effort from the pro-life movement caused the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule the Roe vs Wade ruling. The declaration what the Constitution is silent on abortion. They also stated Roe was “wrong from the start”. The vote ended up being 5-4 to overturn Roe with 6-3…

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Law Enforcement Groups Uniting with Local Communities for National Faith & Blue Weekend


Atlanta-based social change organization, MovementForward, Inc., and every major law enforcement group from across the United States are jointly organizing the “most consolidated police-community engagement project in history” – National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021.  As crime continues to escalate and tensions persist, leaders from National Faith & Blue Weekend tout historic movement aimed at changing…

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Customers Threaten Converse Boycott Over Another Satanic Shoe


The American shoe company, Converse, is under fire after releasing a shoe containing a satanic pentagram symbol. The Christian Post states the new shoes were designed in collaboration with Rick Owens who is a fashion designer. His brand DRKSHDW has a pentagram on the logo as well. “The aesthetic is all about disrupting formality—embracing traditional…

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LGBTQ Lawsuit Declares Religious Exemption Unconstitutional


Thrity-three current and former LGBTQ students from Christian and religious colleges filed a federal lawsuit. This lmay impact how faith-based institutions operate by declaring a government religious exception unconstitutional. The current federal rules state religious institutions are exempt from Title IX. Title IX was established in 1972 and prohibits discrimination based on sex in education…

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