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American Ninja Warrior Inspires Preteens To Share Story

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior’s Emily Durham Joins CIY’s SuperStart Program Emily Durham was a contestant from the NBC show, “American Ninja Warrior”, and will be joining Christ In Youth’s (CIY) fall/spring SuperStart program. Durham will be joining this tour to demonstrate her skills, and to help preteens learn how to overcome challenges with sharing their testimony.…

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RE:NEW Gathering Offers Free Conference


RE:NEW Tickets Available Now The RE:NEW Gathering is set to begin on April 4, 2019, and is expected to host thousands of people for a night of inspiration, prayer, worship and unity. Over 220 local churches will be preparing for a powerful time of both outreach and service. The RE:NEW Gathering will be led by…

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Catch The Fire Celebrates 25 Years With A Powerful Conference


Catch The Fire will be celebrating its 25 year conference this January 22-25, 2019.  The location is 272 Attwell Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The global reunion is to celebrate 25 years of the Toronto Blessing, which is a revival that spread to hundreds of nations world wide. Catch The Fire has a decades-old history of…

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Michael Jr.’s More Than Funny Is A Unique Kind Of Comedy

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. Delivers Clean Family Friendly Entertainment Like No Other! Comedian, Michael Jr., just launched a new special entitled, “More Than Funny” which is set to release in movie theatres nationally on October 18. ¬†“More Than Funny” is a one-night event featuring an exclusive introduction and post credit production with never before seen comedic segments/hilarious…

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Jeff Allen Tours This Fall With “Make Comedy Great Again”

Jeff Allen

Comedy legend, Jeff Allen, will be touring this fall with the “Make Comedy Great Again Tour” presented by CRTV and Stand-Up Global. ¬†This family-friendly comedy tour hits theatres on the east coast, and will be filmed for an upcoming special on CRTV. Jeff Allen will be joined by Ross Bennett, Earl David Reed, Tina Giorgi,…

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