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Is It Biblical To Introduce Your Kids To Santa?


Saint Nicholas was a fourth-century Bishop of Myra, a town located in present-day Turkey. He was born into a wealthy family, and although short in stature, mighty in his faith by passionately defending the Catholic Faith. Remember, in the fourth century, the Church was the Catholic Church from which other faiths would spring centuries later.…

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Senseless Risks: Teens, Driving, And Alcohol

faith, teen

It’s Friday night and Joe receives an offer to chill with the baseball guys. By no means is Joe a social outcast. However, he limits himself on his involvement with questionable activities. The baseball guys tend to group together in school, and party together on the weekends. Upon the invitation to chill with the guys…

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Can Faith Help With Special Needs Children?

special needs

Faith is a crucial part of many families. However, some families have the added challenge of raising a special needs child. These families are forced to contend with stigmatization in the broader society and their faith-based communities due to their child’s diagnosis. “Special needs” is an umbrella phrase for a wide variety of diagnoses and…

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At School: “Fit In” Or Follow Christ?


Greetings Friends, Another school year is starting and with it comes new adventures and new challenges for our children. I think we share particular worries as we face a new academic year: will my child like his/her teacher, the homework battles are about to begin (more about homework strategies here), balancing after school activities with…

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The Greatest Command Is Love. Do You Measure Up?


Every day is one to celebrate in the Lord, during your quiet time (especially when the kids are watching), reading the Bible and praying.  But there are those days when you are stretched beyond your limits, your kids — taught the Word and prayed with and over — stray from your example (Mom AND Dad) pull stunts…

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