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End Times: Raising Children Full Of Purpose

End Times, school

Whether you believe our days are end times is irrelevant. We live a world falling apart, each country, not just our own. If you cannot see this, look toward your Bible and read Romans, chapter 1 and 2nd Timothy chapter 3, for starters.          This is not a political article. It’s about family in these times.…

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Do You Have Vibrant Faith Or Is It Lukewarm?


Worry is not exclusive to non-Christians. Surprise. Will we make it through life? College? Whom will I marry? How will I pay rent? Pay taxes? Will I fail as a parent? These anxieties are common worries. You likely can name more. Addressing Christian angst before raising a family is imperative. Why? As a Christian, anxiety is a…

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Being Happily Married


The America Stroke Association Indicates Married Men Are 2/3 Less Likely To Have A Stroke Than Single Men! February 7-14 has been named National Marriage Week. Experts are saying that we need a time to celebrate marriage because the institution itself is in jeopardy. In 1970, 78% of adults were married. Now the statistics indicate…

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The Art Of Give And Take… And Love


One day my 9-year-old was playing violin outside a small shopping plaza. She’s done this before and it’s common for people to watch for a while and then throw some money in her violin case. But this time, using her words “Daddy, a man who smelled like alcohol and didn’t look right gave me money.”…

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Commit to Solutions, Not Resolutions This New Year!


There is something intimidating about New Year’s Day. While it is a blessing to have a new beginning… A clean slate… A blank canvas… It is also overwhelming. The possibilities are endless but also limited by our individual set of circumstances. Example: it is possible to book a one way ticket to Paris, open a ting…

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Avoid Family Conflicts This Christmas Season

Unfortunately, it is not always “the most wonderful time of the year”. At times, it is the most stressful time of the year.  Between the endless shopping trips to overcrowded stores, the social and professional events that take over the calendar and the preparations for hosting family meals and receiving guests, the Christmas seasonprovides countless opportunities for conflict and…

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Hospitality Taught At Home Warms Visitor’s Hearts


Good day dear friends, 
Setting the scene: This week, I had the blessing of teaching my first and second graders a lesson about Hospitality (lesson plan follows); but first, what is our own understanding of hospitality? How do we practice hospitality? Actually, what do we consider hospitality to be? Is it a 5 course meal,…

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War And Peace: Winning The Homework Battles

A new school year has started. 6 words that strike a sense of panic in the hearts of the most hardened warriors (also known as parents).  The carefree days of summer are gone, replaced by early morning skirmishes (why are children so opposed to waking up?), breakfast mission impossible (why must the last drop of…

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Why Does Time For Ourselves Evoke Guilty Feelings?


Saturday Morning. What do these 2 words evoke for you? An extra hour of sleep? Leisurely breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon? Break time from the weekly hustle and bustle? Saturday Morning for most parents means something else. It means a head start to get all the errands and chores and shopping done so that we can…

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