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Does Fire & Brimstone Teaching Promote Fear?


Apparently not, or maybe it’s taken on a different form. There are Christians out there that are genuinely fearful that one misstep will land them in Hell- far from the teaching that Jesus gave. Fear can be a powerful motivator… but one that should DEFINITELY NOT be used with Christian teaching. Fear should never be…

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Is Your Faith Floundering, Flourishing or Finished?


When it comes to faith, you will learn as you grow that you will never “arrive”. Many of the things we were taught early in our faith walk that seem so clear, concise and cut in stone begin to have caveats as you grow. The “baby” Christian has just encountered Jesus. They are excited, full…

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Refusal To Change: Is The Relationship Over?


It may depend on what you are fighting over. Sometimes, we argue over insignificant things in an attempt to mask a larger issue. Also, sometimes we can just be very critical, and in our negativity become demanding for change. It is important to determine beforehand whether the issue is your spouse, or within you. In…

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Pregnancy Impacts Your Future: Why It Takes Two


Don’t deceive yourself. Sex outside of marriage can have multiple consequences: both physically and spiritually. No matter how well you think things may turn out, and how confident you may be about your partner’s commitment, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that things may change. Many women enter into a pregnancy with the…

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Broken Parental Bonds: Set Boundaries Or Walk Away


Broken relationships with parents can hurt no matter what age you are. Some of us experience rejection when a parent leaves or passes away at a young age. For others, it can be growing up in a toxic environment. Sometimes it is over a disagreement that causes a split. It can be anything. Yet the…

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