Does the Millstone Around Your Neck Read, “Debt”?


The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7 Debt is a type of millstone. Hanging around your neck, drags you down, makes going forward tough, and has a stranglehold on your life. With rising costs, it is difficult for many families to make ends meet. The majority…

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Unanswered Pleas for Provision: What Do You Do?

pleas for provision

When our pleas for provision go unanswered by God (or seemingly unanswered), maintaining your faith can be challenging. For a while, our faith may be strong, yet it may become eroded after prolonged periods. How do you hold on when your prayers are not being answered and you are growing weary? Is it that God…

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Are Financial Pressures Affecting Your Marriage?


At some point in our marriage, each of us has faced financial difficulties to varying degrees. We may hear others complain of their financial woes which don’t seem quite so bad to us like a friend saying they can’t go on vacation this year. Then, there are the valleys that can cause us a great…

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Why Doesn’t my Spouse Love me Anymore?

spouse love me

Are you left asking yourself why doesn’t your spouse love me anymore? It is a more commonly asked question than you may think. Some may attribute it to those twinges of jealously when they talk to that attractive office colleague. After all, why are they getting all the attention? Other times, we may simply be…

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Oops! I Hurt My Spouse Again!

hurt my spouse

Are you faced with the sinking realization of, “Oops, I hurt my spouse!” Most times, we don’t mean to. Yet those feet look awfully tasty when communication just doesn’t seem to come out just right. Many things are laughable, and they are the types of things that jokes are made out of. We think we…

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