Bitterness Is A Coping Skill For Pain- Not Just Anger


We have shared about how to “uproot” the root of bitterness in your life. Additionally, we’ve discussed how not to allow bitterness to take root in the first place, and the importance of maintaining a soft heart. Compiling a “how to” list is easy when it comes to overcoming feelings of bitterness, but if we…

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Would Our Founding Fathers Be Proud?

Founding fathers

Many countries all over the world were based on the concepts of equality, justice, and freedom. Our soldiers fought valiantly in several major wars- many losing their lives- just so that we could live in a society free from oppression. They fought so that we had freedom to chose, freedom to live, and freedom to…

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Firm In Faith: Teaching Your Kids To Be A Proud Christian

I don’t mean prepared intellectually or emotionally. The preparedness that I’m talking about is are they prepared to defend what they believe? In school, like it or not, our children are exposed to a whole bunch of differencing of values, opinions, and sometimes morals. What the world finds tolerable often doesn’t measure up to God’s…

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Marriage Sinking? What Foundation Was It Built On?


No, we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves, being angry, and assigning blame. At some point, we may take a self-inventory, but anger and bitterness helps us either justify things, or numbs the pain. Most of our relationships today begin on a superficial level. There are sparks which we equate to love/romance/compatibility. We love…

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People Pleasers: Help Me Help Myself…. PLEASE!


There are those that recognize that they are a people pleaser, and those that don’t. Some are fine with it, but they don’t realize that there is a significant cost to being this way. For some, it effects them, personally. They are hurt when their efforts are not acknowledged (although many claim that they really…

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Tired Of The D(M)ating Game And Want To Settle Down?


The world’s portrait of dating is that you “shop around”, and if we are truthful, sleep around. Yet, no one ever tells many single people why this ideology is flawed, and why they can’t find a fulfilling relationship. Fulfilling relationships are based partly on your self-image, partly what you think you deserve, and on biblical…

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Friendship Isn’t About Quantity But Quality


We can say that we have many friends, and our Facebook page might reflect those relationships, but how many of them would truly qualify as “friend” status? And do your friends fit the definition of friend or are they acquaintances? The different categories of relationships are as follows: Acquaintance- Someone that you know on a…

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