Talking About Sex and Love… In Marriage

sex, love

“Sex and love are the dirty little secrets no one talks about… but we desperately need to.” Why is sex such a taboo subject in Christian circles? In the confines of marriage, sex is a beautiful thing. Intimacy bonds couples in an indescribable way. Sex is how couples connect on a deeper level. There is…

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Should Christians Judge Others?


“Don’t judge me!” How many times have we, as Christians, heard those words. This statement is usually followed by a lecture on how Christians are either too judgemental, imperfect themselves, or holier than thou. While there are Christians that will give unsolicited advice, the majority of us are quite polite when it comes to disagreements.…

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Name It And Claim It: Does It Really Work?


The Bible does declare that God wants to give His children the “desires of our hearts”. But it also tells us what we need to do first. Are we treating God like a Genie who’s only job is to grant our wishes? Or are we striving each day to ensure our lives are pleasing to…

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Why Does it Appear that Non-Christians Have it Easier?


“I’m a Christian. Life should be easy for me now that I’m walking in the Lord,” said frustrated Christians everywhere. While it is easy to compare our walk to those around us, we don’t receive a true depiction of what their life is like. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. You can…

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God Said What: Clarifying What Scripture Really Says

God said

God said, what? There are so many interpretations and revelations that people receive from scripture. While we can be astonished by the depth of knowledge God gives others, we also need to know how to discern His Word. There are many good teachers on scripture. However, for just as many good teacher, there are questionable…

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