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Needs Should Your Spouse Meet Versus What Are God’s


Have you ever felt disappointed, angry or frustrated at your spouse’s inability to meet your needs? You feel as if they should know by now- you’ve made it clear on many occasions- but they still just don’t get it. Don’t they love you? Don’t they want to make you happy? Before you begin to go…

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Can Happily Ever After Exist After Years Of Hurt?


It may feel like your marriage is grinding to a slow, yet painful halt. You may still be together with your spouse, but you’re really not “together” in any meaningful term. The relationship just feels dead, and while neither of you wants to vocalize your feelings of frustration, loneliness, abandonment, or rejection, the hurt is…

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Are You Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Success?


We don’t mean to sabotage our future, but sometimes past experiences or perceptions can cloud our judgment. Fears or insecurities hold us back from achieving true happiness in relationships, promotions, or from walking in our destiny. We hesitate when we should move forward. We hold back when we should surrender. We put up a wall…

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Tired Of Your Past Affecting The Brightness Of Your Future?


Whether we want to admit it or not, our lives are shaped by past experiences. They create perceptions or thoughts within us. Positive experiences mold our character and create great characteristics within us. Meanwhile, while bad experiences don’t always mean a poor future. They can have one of three effects on the person experiencing them.…

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Could Your Relationships Stand Some Improvement?


We don’t mean to do it, and often we simply aren’t aware of our actions. Past experiences whether they are rooted in childhood or as an adult can affect our perceptions. Once our perceptions of others are tainted, our relationships quickly follow suit. So how can we recognize when there is an existing issue? Many…

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