God Is Asking: Do You Trust Me Completely?


Most of us want to trust God, and many of us think that we do. However, if you have ever experienced worry, anxiety, or fear, then you are not fully trusting in God. When we are in God, scripture tells us there is an absence of worry and anxiety. Scripture tells us to cast our…

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Are You Prideful or Simply Self-Confident?


It is a fine line when trying to determine whether you are full of pride versus someone with healthy self-confidence. There is a difference between knowing who you are and what talents God has given you versus being prideful about it. We are permitted to say that we can do a certain task, or we…

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Have You Fallen for a Fallacy in Life?


It’s easy to do. There are simply things that we believe in life that have no bearing on reality. As silly as they may appear when we really give them serious thought, they do shape how we view the world around us and what we strive for. For example, growing up, girls love to watch…

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Why is the Church Divided on COVID and a Vaccine?

vaccine, COVID

Long ago, forbidden topics included politics and church. Now, we have introduced COVID and a vaccine to the mix. Sadly, the church is completely divided on this subject, and scripture tells us not to be. Christ’s bride is to be a unified front. So what is it about this topic that generates such a heated…

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