Candace Cameron Bure and Shelene Bryan Introduce “Skiptember”


Author, TED Talk speaker, producer, and founder of Skip1, Shelene Bryan has once again teamed up with longtime friend, Emmy Award Nominee, and New York Times Best-Selling Author Candace Cameron Bure (Board Member at Skip1, “Full House”) for her organizations annual “Skiptember” month-long challenge to help bring awareness and funds to children and families in desperate need around…

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Are You Prideful or Simply Self-Confident?


It is a fine line when trying to determine whether you are full of pride versus someone with healthy self-confidence. There is a difference between knowing who you are and what talents God has given you versus being prideful about it. We are permitted to say that we can do a certain task, or we…

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Have You Fallen for a Fallacy in Life?


It’s easy to do. There are simply things that we believe in life that have no bearing on reality. As silly as they may appear when we really give them serious thought, they do shape how we view the world around us and what we strive for. For example, growing up, girls love to watch…

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How to Love Someone Who Causes You Pain

love, pain

Scripture tells us that it is easy to love someone who loves you back. However, we are commanded to love our enemies as well. This poses an even greater hurdle depending on the nature and volatility of the relationship. That is a good question. The simple answer is that God says so, but that’s not…

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