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Broken Parental Bonds: Set Boundaries Or Walk Away


Broken relationships with parents can hurt no matter what age you are. Some of us experience rejection when a parent leaves or passes away at a young age. For others, it can be growing up in a toxic environment. Sometimes it is over a disagreement that causes a split. It can be anything. Yet the…

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Healing From The “One” That Decided They Weren’t

Trying to find the person that God has for you can be tough. Even more frustrating is when you think that you have found your spouse only to have them break up with you. How is healing possible when you feel like you were rejected? Where is the happily ever after? “Was it my fault?…

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If You Knew The “Why” Behind A Warning….


The problem is that most times we are simply told, “Don’t do it.” Or how many of us, humorously, have used the phrase, “Because I said so” and realized that you sound just like your parents! Perhaps you don’t really understand the reasoning behind some of the instructions that your parents gave you other than…

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Bitterness Is A Coping Skill For Pain- Not Just Anger


We have shared about how to “uproot” the root of bitterness in your life. Additionally, we’ve discussed how not to allow bitterness to take root in the first place, and the importance of maintaining a soft heart. Compiling a “how to” list is easy when it comes to overcoming feelings of bitterness, but if we…

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