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From His Heart

Stressed? Take Refuge In The Rock


God often communicated with us through parables and metaphors. He must have known for some reason we tend to relate better to such communication. It allows us to compare and contrast, somehow touch the words and become part of them instead of merely reading and digesting them. This is true in the words God chose…

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Bitterness Is A Coping Skill For Pain- Not Just Anger


We have shared about how to “uproot” the root of bitterness in your life. Additionally, we’ve discussed how not to allow bitterness to take root in the first place, and the importance of maintaining a soft heart. Compiling a “how to” list is easy when it comes to overcoming feelings of bitterness, but if we…

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Healthy or Sick:What’s Your Relationship Temperature?


The question most often asked is, “How do you not know that you are in an unhealthy relationship?’ To most people, if they were in an unhealthy relationship, it would be obvious. But if you grew up in a toxic home, or find yourself in a toxic relationship, the fact that you are in one…

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Hurting, Abandoned, Rejected and Alone: Where Is God?


“I will never leave nor forsake you.” This scripture kept running through my head during one of the worst times in my life. I felt as if I had lost everything, and just when I thought that I had finally reached rock bottom, a new challenge arose generating a new level of hurt. I felt…

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