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Overcomer Movie: Can A Coach See Who He Truly Is?

Kendrick Brothers, Overcomer

Coach John Harrison’s life changes in an instant when a large, local manufacturing plant shuts down. The unexpected news shocks the community as many workers are now forced to find work elsewhere. The mass exodus of workers doesn’t concern John much… at first. Despite the dropping rate of students, he still has his star basketball…

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Sunrise In Heaven Shows God’s Miracles And Mercy

“God Is Always Listening.” For those of us that have ever had to wait for God to perform a miracle, or ever doubted that He would, Sunrise In Heaven will speak directly to your soul. Sunrise from Heaven is based on Jan Hurst’s true-life novel, His Sunrise, My Sunset. It features Corbin Bernsen (Major League,…

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Jesus: His Life – Accurate Depiction Or Drama?

Jesus: His Life

Many Wonder, As They Should, Whether This Upcoming Drama-Documentary Will Be Accurate Or Deceptive. While Christians rejoice at movies/television series depicting biblical characters and situations, they are becoming increasingly hesitant and sceptical at new releases. “Why?” you ask. It’s because so many movies that could have been so impactful twisted the truth for the purpose…

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History Channel Docu-Drama Gives Full Glimpse Of Jesus

Jesus: His Life

The Question: Does This Series Stay True To The Scripture, Culture, And Time Line of Jesus? Beginning March 25, 2019, History Channel will reveal an eight-part event entitled, “Jesus: His Life”. The new docu-drama explores the story of Christ through the eyes of the people that were closest to Him: Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary…

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Dinner Conversations Discusses Race And Church With Nicole C. Mullen

Film series/podcast, Dinner Conversations with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer, airs it’s midseason premiere with the series most poignant episode ever! “Race and the Church” will air on Cornerstone Television Network ( and will feature Dove Award-winning singer, Nicole C. Mullen. ┬áCTVN has added Dinner Conversations to their weekly programming, and can be watched each…

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