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History Channel Docu-Drama Gives Full Glimpse Of Jesus

Jesus: His Life

The Question: Does This Series Stay True To The Scripture, Culture, And Time Line of Jesus? Beginning March 25, 2019, History Channel will reveal an eight-part event entitled, “Jesus: His Life”. The new docu-drama explores the story of Christ through the eyes of the people that were closest to Him: Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary…

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Michael Jr.’s More Than Funny Is A Unique Kind Of Comedy

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. Delivers Clean Family Friendly Entertainment Like No Other! Comedian, Michael Jr., just launched a new special entitled, “More Than Funny” which is set to release in movie theatres nationally on October 18.  “More Than Funny” is a one-night event featuring an exclusive introduction and post credit production with never before seen comedic segments/hilarious…

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CBS Launches New Comedy Series: God Friended Me

God Friended Me

What do you, as a viewer, do when a network as big as CBS looks to fill the void of family oriented pilots that embodies the concept of spirituality?   In order to bring back that long missed group of viewers who no longer felt they being reached when Touched By An Angel was cancelled,…

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Little Women Movie: Same Timeless Message, Yet Contemporized For Today

Little Women

Attention all Louisa May Alcott fans… The classic book, Little Women, will be released through Pureflix Entertainment and Pinnacle Peak on September 28, 2018.  This dramatic film was directed by Clare Neiderpruem, and written by both herself, and Kristi Shimek. So what Differentiates this Version of Little Women from the Previous Ones? It is an…

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Still Beautiful Movement Launched By A Burn Survivor’s Documentary

Burn survivor, Kelly Falardeau, recently launched her personal documentary, “Still Beautiful” which illustrates to others that you don’t have to be a “beauty queen” to be beautiful.  As a result, it spawned the successful Still Beautiful Movement for women. The documentary chronicles her journey of getting burnt when she was two years old, and hating…

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