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Catch The Fire Celebrates 25 Years With A Powerful Conference


Catch The Fire will be celebrating its 25 year conference this January 22-25, 2019.  The location is 272 Attwell Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The global reunion is to celebrate 25 years of the Toronto Blessing, which is a revival that spread to hundreds of nations world wide. Catch The Fire has a decades-old history of…

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Building 429 Interviewed In Our Music Spotlight Section

Building 429

On September 7, 2018, Grammy nominated Building 429 released their new album, Live the Journey.  This latest album took three years to create, involved a great deal of soul searching, and let to an intimate spiritual journey for the entire band.  The Christian Beat says, “Overall, Live the Journey speaks true to its name with each…

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Inspiration Worship Album Came From A Personal Place


Inspiration Worship originated from a very personal place.  It was December 2011 when Linda went to the doctor with difficulty breathing.  It took 7 lung taps over the course of six weeks and several test to discover that she had Stage IV cancer.  After not being able to breathe properly for six weeks, and undergoing chemo,…

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Jody McBrayer Returns To Avalon After Twelve Years


Group Also Welcomes Newcomer Dani Rocca As Well Avalon recently posted a video to their website and social platforms revealing the next chapter in their profound musical career. The video itself was brief, and is designed to receive excitement from fans, and questions from their audience.  In it, they simply say, “Hi! We’re Avalon.”, and…

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