Britt Nicole Captivates Audiences With Vibrant Dance Beat


Britt Nicole’s self-titled album has officially released! This is her fourth studio album, and it definitely did not disappoint. This highly-anticipated deluxe compilation of high-energy tracks and catchy hooks features 14 new songs, including the quickly beloved lead single “Through Your Eyes.” “There was no box [with this album], no rules. I just wrote from…

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Good Good Father – Now A Children’s Book

A Book to Help Children Learn About Their Heavenly Father‘Good Good Father’ is a cute children’s book dedicated to teaching children about the love of the heavenly Father. In the story Tucker, a little bear, seeks to help his friends who are in need. He is told to visit the King. Tucker decides to bring the…

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‘Overflow’ with Planetshakers Band: Let the Praise Dance Party Ensue

Planetshakers Band Overflow

Planet shakers Band’s new album ‘Overflow’ features fifteen original songs that were co-written by the band and produced by worship leader and producer Joth Hunt. PlanetShakers is known for their upbeat high energy worship albums. Songs like Nothing is Impossible and The Anthem are massively well known throughout the nations. Their newest album, ‘Overflow’, has the same upbeat tempos with a recurring theme…

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Tanya Godsey’s ‘Love Lines’ Says Goodbye Fear

Tanya Godsey

  ‘Love Lines the Last Horizon’, Tanya Godsey Award winning singer, songwriter and speaker, Tanya Godsey, independently releases her third full-length album, Loves Lines the Last Horizon, on September 30th. From beginning to end the album invites listeners to leave a life of comfort, and jump into the wild call to follow after God, and…

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The Borrowed Christmas Will Leave You in the Holiday Spirit

The Borrowed Christmas Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko Release Date: November 11, 2014 Our Rating: G On the surface, John Dale has everything a man could want: wealth, fame, and the largest house on the block. However, he doesn’t have the one thing that he wants most: an old-fashioned, traditional Christmas. The funny thing is,…

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The Penny Promise Movie Discusses the Importance of Honesty

The Penny Promise Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko Genre: Romantic Comedy Rating: G Released: October 28, 2001 Cast: Scott Christopher, Bobby Edner, Jennifer Capo, Lawrence Lau, and Bruce Newbold. Production Company: Movies 99 Will Duncan is the most honest person you could ever meet. He has purposefully chosen not to lie- not even a hint…

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