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Tuesday Teaching

Why Am I Not Seeing God’s Promises Manifest?


Christians are urged, in scripture, to pursue spiritual maturity- to grow our faith, and not remain a baby Christian indefinitely.  While being a new believer is exciting for most because you get to experience miracles that build your faith, and grace to overcome sin/bondages, maturity allows the Christian to experience God’s promises on a deeper level.  When…

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Subtle Difference Found In Jesus As Our High Priest

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Hebrews 5 begins with contrasting the High Priest of the Old Testament with Jesus, the “new” High Priest of the New Testament.  In it, we see a bit of morphing from the role of the traditional High Priest to the freedom found in Jesus.  The most interesting aspect found in this section are the comparisons and contrasts…

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God Rested On The Seventh Day- Is He Still Resting?


Hebrews 4 is an interesting chapter which speaks in length about rest, the various forms of rest, and how it applies in each instance.  Rest, in this scripture, means many different things depending on the reference and the translation.  It goes on to end by giving believers confidence in their relationship with Christ that first, we have…

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Hebrews 3: Why The Contrast Between Jesus And Moses?


Today, I felt led to discuss Hebrews 3. Hebrews 3 contains some amazing contrasts/comparisons and challenges the believer to ask the question: Why does the writer compare Jesus to Moses? What is the significance?  It takes us deeper into why we should not only stay grounded in God’s Word, but the importance of maintaining an attitude…

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