What do you, as a viewer, do when a network as big as CBS looks to fill the void of family oriented pilots that embodies the concept of spirituality?   In order to bring back that long missed group of viewers who no longer felt they being reached when Touched By An Angel was cancelled, CBS began a new drama entitled, God Friended Me, which is set to air on September 30, 2018.

CBS hired Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt as writers, and Marcos Siega and Greg Berlinti’s to direct this anticipated new television series.

‘People say that God has a plan for all of us,’ (show narrative). And how right they are when Miles finds himself a part of that very plan!

Yes, God even has a plan for Miles Finer played by Brandon Michael Hall. I can’t even remember the time when a TV series has created so much excitement!  But here we are in September 2018 holding our breath like a child waiting to open its birthday gifts.

God Friended Me opens its first show with Brandon’s character, Miles, who is a wanna-be podcast host, in the middle of an interview based on religion.  It’s 2018, and to expect God to communicate with a young man like Miles in that “old traditional way” would be limiting of what we know to be the extent of God’s power. Miles ends up segueing  his interviewee in with the words, “There is no God.”

Miles is a “PK Kid” who has turned from his faith due to a tragic accident that he can’t reconcile.  So, in his mind, in order to make sense of it, he has included that there is no God, and he views his attempts at proving it to be “helping people so that they don’t believe a lie”.  Miles life seemed pretty basic as he tries to gain recognition for his podcast from Sirius, but God has other plans than the ones that Miles has for himself.

The humour in the pilot episode of God Friended Me is that God tries to get Miles’ attention to let him know the He does exist in the most unlikely way… by connecting with him through Facebook!

At first Miles is convinced he’s being pranked.  To prove that fact to himself, he enlists the help of his co-worker Rakesh Sehgal (played by Suraj Sharma) to track down the person he thinks has hacked his account- because there must be a logical explanation since God does not exist.  Yet after every encounter, and every “delete” of the friend request, God still makes His presence known.

Okay, while this show is hilarious, it will also tug at your heart when you realize that Miles endless searching has possibly been fuelled by his broken faith and trust in his own father, played by Joe Morton.

Will this atheist change his mind and trust that there really is a God who not only controls the world but also the Wi-Fi we use?   Will his beliefs change?  Will the scars from his past finally heal?

Stay tuned…

Things To Note About God Friended Me:

Not necessarily a show you want to watch with young kids.  The themes for God Friended Me are more adult in nature.  There are two bar scenes where there is beer drinking, some mild language issues, hacking into information, a break and enter, and a hinted hook-up.

More information can be found on the CBS website at: God Friended Me

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