Scripture provides three ways that people can receive healing: anoint with oil, prayer, and the gift of healing by the laying on of hands.  All of these ways, need a measure of faith in order to operate in a person’s life.  The person has to want to be healed, and needs to be taught how to maintain that healing, otherwise it may be lost due to disbelief.

For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, they are the following:

  1. Anoint with oil: The pastor or church elders (usually) pray over a person for healing to manifest, and oil is placed on the person.  Anointing with oil generally is when much else fails, or as an added measure.  It was used frequently in the Old Testament to anoint and consecrate the priests (set apart as holy).  However, it is mentioned in the New Testament in conjunction with healing.
  2. Prayer: Prayer for healing is lifted up to God usually with accompanying scripture.  God does heal, in this manner, as healing is part of God’s promises.  It requires faith to be healed on the part of a believer.
  3. Laying on of Hands/Gift of Healing: There are those who have the Gift of Healing wherein the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon them for the purpose of healing.  That power is transferred through touch to the individual, and they are healed.

Healing is for everyone, as Jesus directly tells his disciples that they will heal the sick in His name.  Healing, for the most part, can be taught, and even children can lay hands on another person for healing.  In fact, their prayers, in some ways, may be more effective as their faith is often unhindered by thoughts of not being able to do it.  They don’t know that they can, or can’t.  Their innocence accepts the supernatural without question, and can sometimes activate a faith far greater than an adult who can sometimes be hindered by “logic”.

So, how do you teach your children (and others) how to flow in God’s healing power and/or prayer?

Lisa Frank will discuss this topic as to how to teach people (and children) how they can heal the sick.  Teaching the Gift of Healing to a child may be challenging (as it would be to anyone).  However, knowing what to expect, and how to release it when it is in operation will allow it to be used more freely.

In short, if we don’t teach it, how do we know how to use it?

This topic and more in our December issue coming out on November 27, 2017!


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