Some may say yes, some may say no. It depends on the family, and the perspective. What we do know is that anxiety and stress are on the rise with youth. The question becomes what is the cause, and is this shift anything new or something that’s being exposed.


Some would say definitively that stress related to performance is on the rise with youth in comparison to past generations. Youth are experiencing more pressure to perform and compete at higher standards at every level of their education, so it stands to reason that they would be feeling the pressure.

There is pressure on them to compete- not only in athletics, but scholastically. With post-secondary requirement becoming higher, more youth are putting stress on themselves to achieve more, study harder, and do better. There is pressure to be better than everyone else- to stand out- and many cannot handle the pressure.

The result of this over-achieving mentality often manifests in panic attacks, test anxiety, illness, and general stress. Unhealthy habits can form when children are working so hard to be the best and beat the competition.

Are The Goals Unrealistic? Stressful? Manageable? Are The Carefree Days Of Youth Gone?

Some would say yes, but again it depends. Parents who teach their children balance may witness that they child is more relaxed over parents who are performance based. We want our children to do well, but we have to consider at what cost.

Habits acquired at youth often stay with us. Children that are taught to constantly excel to the point of being driven may do well, but they may suffer mentally as a result. These tendencies for perfection do not go away when you are an adult as there is always going to be someone who is better than you at something.

So knowing that, how do we teach our children to strive for excellence, teach them to be balanced, and not anxiety-ridden?

Brenda Stapleton discusses whether anxiety is on the rise with youth or not, and why this shift exists. She will also discuss how to help your child if he/she is experiencing anxiety issues/stress and how they can be dealt with.

She will teach you how to get your children to a peaceful state, and what scripture means what it says that we should cast our cares unto Him.

Great advice for both teens and adults!

This feature and many more topics on youth can be found in our April issue coming out on March 26, 2019!

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