Women’s Liberation Movement Attributed To Quashing Men Desire To Show Chivalry

True or false, men?  Many men have reported becoming frustrated because they feel as if they are expected to be a gentleman (opening doors, paying for meals, treating a lady like a woman), but many women simply want nothing to do with that type of behaviour.  Many women pride themselves on the women’s liberation movement like it were a badge of honour.  Some ladies have reportedly become very “snappy” in her response when a man holds open a door for her- “I can do that myself.  I’m not the weaker sex.  I can do anything you can do.”

But advocates of the Women’s Liberation… Are you missing out to some extent?

Women's LiberationWhat ladies miss is that chivalry isn’t about being the weaker sex, being incapable of doing things, or gender equality.  It’s simply about a man respecting you enough to treat you like a lady- like you have worth.

It’s not like the romance industry is loosing money from women over the decades.  In fact, it’s flourishing.  What women does not want to watch a good romance every now and then?  Women don’t admire the men who act like jerks in the movie, they admire the gentleman.  So why aren’t we allowing men to be chivalrous?  Why aren’t we allowing our men to be gentlemen?  Why aren’t we teaching our sons to show chivalry?  As women, aren’t we worthy of respect from a man?

Why Should A Gentleman Win Out With Chivalry Every Time?

Donald Ford discusses how men really should treat women/their wives- women’s liberation movement or not- and brings the entire topic back to the Bible.  He will discuss why the way women think that they want to be treated according to this movement will never be truly satisfied, and the trouble the marriage receives as a result.  The article is not about women being unequal to men, or not strong, but rather allowing men to step up and be… well, MEN!

Just as women want to be treated with respect, admiration, and be cherished, so, too, do men want to be allowed to be men.  They want to treat you like the queen that you are… if we will let them.  Chivalry shouldn’t be dead, but a quality that women cherish in a man.

This article will change your way of thinking- it may infuriate a few- but if you are honest, you will see it as God’s truth.  This article and more coming out in our March issue on February 26th.

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