Chris and Stephanie Teague, a husband and wife duo, recently released their self-titled debut album, “Out of the Dust” on March 7th via Discovery House Music.  “Out of the Dust” is a mixture of indie, folk and pop that is uniquely this couple’s own.  “Out of the Dust” features eleven songs written during a challenging time in the couple’s life which included separation, divorce, and, praise be to God, remarriage.

The lyrics reflect not only the heartbreak that life can bring, but also the renewed hope and healing offered by God.  These song will speak to listener’s hearts who may struggle to make sense of their own lives in the midst of a storm.

The couple’s testimony is woven throughout “Out of the Dust”, and discusses their miraculous redemption.

Chris Teague’s testimony resonates with many young men.  Chris grew up in church, married young, and gradually lost his faith during college.  Eventually, he slipped deeper into drugs and other temptations that came his way and secretly kept it from his church, family, friends, and his wife, Stephanie.

Chris couldn’t keep it contained forever as everything was revealed on a Thursday night in January 2010.

The young marriage quickly dissolved into divorce as Chris walked away from it all: church, family, friends, and Stephanie.  His newfound “independence”, he quickly found, was not as gratifying as he had thought, and it led him into an even darker place than he had been previously.  At that point, what was revealed to him was the depths of his selfishness and pride.

“Our desire is to be faithful stewards of our story and let the music we create move people toward love, life, and hope no matter where it meets them in the journey,” Chris commented.

Faith Filled Family Magazine was blessed to interview the couple, and their story will warm your hearts.  For those who are struggling in their marriage, it will give you a renewed sense of hope that when all feels lost, nothing is impossible with God.

Keep watch for Chris and Stephanie Teague’s testimony in our September issue coming out on August 28th!

Watch the “All That I’m Made For” Lyric Video here:

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