Chris Tomlin’s new album Never Lose Sight is an exceptional add to this award winning artist’s collection. I have always enjoyed listening to a few of his songs on the radio but I was delighted to listen to his newest album. This album reminded me of who God is in the midst of my everyday life causing me to take a moment and worship. These songs remind the listener that throughout life we are to never lose sight of who God is in our lives. It prompts the heart to ponder the depths of the character of God.
Good Good Father: This song is very popular on Christian radio stations. The song is a reminder that God is a Good Father who takes care of His children. It is a part of who He is as God. He not only is a Good Father but an exceptional one! “You are perfect in all of your ways.” The song is a good reminder that God is still good even through the rough places He brings His children through to grow them in life.
Jesus: Just the name of Jesus is so powerful and this song is a great reminder of who Christ has revealed himself to be in Scripture. The song talks about His saving how “He carries my healing in His hands.” What a wonderful reminder of the redemptive story played out in this song entitled: Jesus.
Impossible things (feat. Danny Gokey): Impossible Things starts with a great beat which made me want to praise the Lord by clapping my hands. The voice talents of Danny Gokey add to the beauty of this song. It reminds the listener of being surrounded by darkness and how the Lord still prepares a table for us in the midst of our enemies. (Psalm 23) Telling the story of how God uses the Impossible Things to tell His redemptive story because God is the God of the impossible prompted me to think of all the impossible ways God has worked throughout history.
Home: “Home where every fear is gone. I am in Your open arms. Where I belong. Home” These words make up the powerful song which reminds us that this world is not our home. Home is when the Christian will be free and finally see the “shores of eternity”. This song has a great beat that will encourage you to sing along in anticipation of the day when you and I will be Home in heaven.
 God of Calvary: This song begins with a retelling of the slaying of the Lamb on Calvary. It paints a powerful picture of the cross and what Christ endured so the world might come to Him. It is a great reminder of who God is in all His power and glory! “The great divide He crossed for me. Oh, praise the God of Calvary,” are a part of the lovely lyrics. This song was one of my favorites on the album.
He Lives: The fact that Christ has risen is a crucial part of the saving grace in which the Christian stands. He lives tells the importance of having a risen Christ, “He lives reigning in power…Hallelujah Christ is risen! …This life I live no longer mine.” What wonderful words to remind me that I serve a risen King!
Glory Be: This song teaches a powerful message about the Trinity being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God as three persons but One God. All praise goes to the One True God. I really enjoyed hearing all three persons of the Trinity praised in this song as it reminded me of the majesty of God who deserves all glory.
Come Thou Fount (I will Sing): This rendition of an old hymn was not one of my favorites as I love the hymn without any additions, however, the harmony on the song was beautiful. It points the listener to a brighter day when Christ returns and how God in His mercy and kindness pursues people. The song challenges the listener to remain faithful in praising the Lord, “Until the day when death pursues me, I will sing,” are a few lyrics from the chorus.
Yes And Amen: This upbeat song seems to be based on 2 Corinthians 1:20 which says, “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.” All the promises of God were fulfilled in Christ which points to the faithfulness of God.
All Yours: The message of the sovereignty of God is spread throughout this song. It has a great up beat rhythm which makes you want to start praising the Lord. The fact that God is in control of every aspect of life encourages the listener to “pour out again in worship.”
First Love (feat. Kim Walk Smith): The soothing melody of this song with the incredible harmony of Kim Walk Smith ease the heavy heart. The song’s words speak to the fact that Christ is the One that loved us first.
The God I Know: These lyrics are great to sing along to in the car with kids as it tells about the character of God and His provision throughout time for His children. “The God I know will make a way…The God I know is the Lord. He conquered the grave.” It will refocus your heart on God as He works all things out for the good of those that love Him. (Romans 8:28)
God and God Alone: The song begins asking the questions, “Who has the power to wash our sin away? God and God Alone.” The rhythm is great to worship to as the music lifts your spirits with an upbeat tune. I was reminded about the day when every knee will bow down to God Alone. It reminds the listener who is seated on the throne and deserves all praise.
Kyrie Eleison (feat. Matt Maher, Matt Redman and Jason Ingram): Kyrie Eleison means Lord have mercy or Christ have mercy. The four voice talents combine to wonderfully point to the God of mercy who is ready to forgive and pardon sin. This song provides hope to those struggling with sin as it reminds us of our deep need for mercy and the depth of the love Christ has offered to us.
Positives: This album is a great addition to the praise and worship genre of music. The great mix of thoughtful and upbeat songs promote a heart of worship. The lyrics point out the character of God which gives hope to the struggling soul. This would be a great album to listen to on drives with children to teach them not to lose sight of God’s grace in this busy world. I was pleasantly surprised by this album and enjoyed listening to it as I lifted my heart in worship.
Negatives: Some songs may be a little repetitive with their choruses, however, this album is full of truth that comes from Scripture. I enjoyed listening to the album as I have not listened to Christ Tomlin’s albums for several years.

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