Launch begins with free 15-minute phone calls available to the public

(Christian Newswire)  The Center for Christian Business Ethics Today is launching a Christian Entrepreneurship Program which is a practical 7 course program which incorporates applications of Christian faith to business operations.  The program will feature Biblical material connected to business principles.  It is designed to be technical in nature- teaching how a business should be run- not just theory void of a practical application.

Each course incorporates lectures, recommended reading, worksheets, case studies and supplemental materials.  Course topics include “Structure of Business”, “Market Position”, “How to Get Capital’, “Financial Statement Process” and “Organization Charts”.

The course also partners with the CSEA Institute to host an “Ask and Advisor” help desk enabling students to reach out by phone or email to ask a Certified Small Enterprise Advisor business related questions.

Also during the month of December, the program is offering free fifteen minute consultations with a CSEA available to the public.

If any entrepreneurs/small business owners have questions and are in need of technical help, or would like to speak with an advisor, you can schedule your call online at www.cseaninstitute.or/advisor.

For further information on the “Ask an Advisor” program or the Christian Entrepreneurship Program, contact (646) 853-1861 or by email

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