Top Christian Spots to Take Your Family on Vacation 

Are you looking for a vacation spot for your family that will not only offer you rest, but one that will also inspire you to draw closer to God? Many families are taking advantage of their vacation days to take trips to places where they can learn more about God and teach their children about his goodness.  

With the Bible providing clear descriptions for believers and historians, tourists can visit Biblical destinations today, as well as tourist venues designed specifically with the Bible in mind. As a family, these vacation spots are sure to bring you closer to one another and your savior.  



Another Biblical expedition is to travel to Greece which will allow your family to follow in Paul’s footsteps as the New Testament church became established. Many companies offer a tour of Paul’s path, which includes visits to locations such as Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth and Athens where you can visit the places where Paul preached. This is not only a beautiful place to take a vacation, it is also one that is packed full of Biblical and historical value. For some families, this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, so planning ahead is a must. 

The Holy Land Experience in Orlando 

For families without the budget or the time necessary to trace the footsteps of the heroes of the Bible, they can visit The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. Essentially, the Holy Land Experience is a Biblical theme park found in the land of Florida theme parks. However, this theme park brings the Bible to life. Guests can travel through the Bible on various tours and watch several elaborate shows. Additionally, this venue is also home to the Scriptorium, a museum with artifacts from biblical times as well as a store offering exquisite Christian art 

Christian Museums in Kentucky 

Christians now have an opportunity to visit  life-size recreations from the Book of Genesis in the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum both located in Kentucky. The Ark Encounter is a newly designed museum that offers guests the opportunity to learn more about Noah’s Ark, as well as have fun. This theme park includes a restaurant, a petting zoo, ziplining, stores, and more. Located not far away is the Creation Museum. This museum focuses on explaining creation and the book of Genesis. With over 140 exhibits and a planetarium, it is a hit for children and adults.  

As you plan your vacation to one of the top Christian spots for families, aim for an environment that allows you to rest, learn, and grow.  

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