Have You fallen prey to some of these behaviours found in society and not even known it!

Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will have a different answer to the above statement. Some of you will compare your location to the rest of the world and determine that others have it much worse than you do. Others of you, no matter where you live you will see the room for improvement. Still more of you will look around and desire change in your heart for your government, the people, and your family.

What do you value? What do you hold dear?

In order to answer that question, we must take a look at previous societies and compare what we had then to what we’ve evolved into. Then, you would have to compare it to the Bible to see if God’s laws were upheld or whether we compromised along the way.


Aside from changes to law and government, one would next have to examine societal changes in the make-up of family. Most of the laws set in motion began as a good thing- to protect the rights of the innocent, and to generate equality. Most of these laws were for the good of the people, yet we have to ask ourselves whether in our zeal to balance the scales they tipped too far in the other direction.

In our assessment, we need to inquire as to whether our families are as in tact as God would like them. Advances in technology are great, and have made us more efficient in the workplace. However, they have had disadvantages as well. The fact that we can be reached 24/7, and have access to anything at our fingertips can interfere with our families when we become distracted every time the phone rings, buzzes, or blips. When outside interferences prevent us from spending one-on-one time with our family, we need to examine whether it’s worth it. This self-examination may lead to the need for boundaries.

And boundaries aren’t a bad thing… they are necessary. We set boundaries for our children all the time for their own well-being, but we often fail when it comes to ourselves. Our families deserve our full attention, too.

Also, what is our busyness teaching our children? Most of them spend hours on their phones either playing games with other online players, or on social media. A good day consists of having x amounts of likes, and a bad day consists of someone “unfriending” them.

We need to ask ourselves as to whether our children even know how to interact with others on a face-to-face social level anymore. While tech is fun when you are a teen, and used extensively in business, there is still personal interaction whether it be on a video chat, or everyday life. They still need to know how to cultivate relationships that don’t consist of emojis.

And your smart phone can’t hug you or reassure you when you need it. Nothing can replace personal touch and the effects that it has on our emotional well-being. Yet, that is what we are doing and not even realizing it. More shocking is, what residual effect will that leave on society wherein we are no longer able to cultivate meaningful relationships with one another?

The seasons in our lives are constantly changing. The question is, are you making the most out of the season you are in?

Your children won’t be children for long. Time goes by too quickly. Social media and tech are no substitutes for the wisdom that a parent can give. We can’t sacrifice time for money, either. There needs to be a balance, and kids need a relationship with their parents.

Our September issue will challenge your way of thinking, and your day-to-day activities. We directly ask you:

  • Has tech hampered us from creating healthy relationships with others, God and our kids? What constitutes a godly friend, and are we being one to each other?
  • Have our dating relationships become superfluous? What caused this trend, and what are the ramifications to it?
  • What happens to a marriage that doesn’t have a firm foundation built on mutual respect, honesty, and openness? What about the commitment aspect?
  • Are you a people-pleaser? How can you reinforce proper boundaries?
  • How do you teach your kids to uphold their Christian values in school when they are being bombarded by information that may make them question what God said?
  • Scripture tells us to be a light, but are we falling short of the mark?
  • And many more topics designed to bend what you thought you knew.

Will society change? It does with every generation. Will it change for the better? Well, that begins with you. Never underestimate what influence your child may have on the world, because even one person can make a significant difference.

The change really starts at home, and in the relationship with keep with them. It depends on who influences them, and who is showing them God’s way. This will influence the direction of society.

It also depends on the example that we set for them. Is it a godly one? Children can see through hypocrisy, and the greatest influencers are then ones who are walking the walk.

September issue comes out on August 27, 2019!

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