We can’t afford to loose even one soul!

All Christians, be on the look out for something who’s goal is to kill, steal and destroy.  His methods of destruction come in the form or persecution, terrorism, oppression in multiple forms… and sometimes he gets really personal!

This perpetrator uses tactics of subtle persuasion, at first to win you over.  What he says sounds plausible.  He will manipulate you through words, and through others, if you don’t comply or don’t put him in his place.  In some places in the world he uses others to murder, oppress on various levels, or persecute.  His tactics are relentless, and his pursuits are unrelenting.

There is a war going on, whether you realize it or not, for your soul.  It is an age-old war that has waged on since the beginning of time.  Satan’s goal is that you never come to realize what walking in the fullness of God looks like because if you understood what it was like, or even had a glimpse into it, he would loose the war forever.

Satan has a foothold in your life is you are not seeing results in a certain area, and in this area, he becomes the victor.  Satan doesn’t want you to know that you have a God-ordained destiny- that you are not here by chance.  He doesn’t want you to have harmony in your family because that is your first ministry.  If you succeed in this area, you will be formidable in other areas.  Satan really doesn’t want you to have money, because if you do, you will help others AND prosper yourself.  He also doesn’t want you healthy, because if you are, you can do things for the kingdom.

So he clumsily tries to take you out.

New believers are sitting ducks for the enemy.  They are new to the faith, are still learning their Bible, and aren’t equipped enough to know how to defeat someone who has already been defeated.  Satan promotes himself as larger than life in the world, and that is the mentality that a new believer has.

In our next issue, we will discuss the lies that Satan tells Christians after they have been saved, and some Christians who have even been in the faith for a long time fall prey to some of these lies.  They have no basis in scripture, but they sound plausible.

We will show you in our next issue how to win the war against Satan, walk free from his lies, and live a victorious life… forever.

Learn what you are missing out on in our next issue coming out on December 28th.


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