Fredericksburg, Virginia:

After the deadly shooting deaths in San Bernadino, California, groups are now collecting items for needy Syrian refugees from Turkey from Grace Church of Fredericksburg and the Richmond, Virginia area Christian faith community.

Leaders will be having a news conference on Sunday, December 6 at 2:00 pm at the Fredericksburg Islamic Center to discuss building bridges between Christian and Muslim communities.

The Fredericksburg Islamic Center made national news after a public hearing to expand their mosque had been shut down due to attendees shouting, “All Muslims are terrorists.”

The Fredericksburg Islamic Center recently made national news after a public hearing to expand their mosque had to be shut down because of attendees shouting things such as, “All Muslims are terrorists.”

Rev. Patrick Mahoney flew to talk Rev. Terry Jones out of burning Quarns.  Mahoney is a stong advocate of building bridges to the Muslim community.  In a statement, he said, “As Christians we are called to reach out and extend mercy, compassion and support to most needy and disenfranchised throughout the world. Certainly the four million Syrian refugees who have been forced to flee their homes because of the tragic consequences of war face horrific difficulties and struggles and are in desperate need of Christ’s love.

“We have also been called to build bridges and relationships with our Muslim neighbors and share the heart of Christ.  As we gather items to help the Syrian refugees together, we are sending a powerful message to the nation that in these difficult times Christians can work shoulder to shoulder with the Islamic community and say Muslims are not our enemies.”

“Because we follow Christ, we love our neighbors. All of our neighbors. It is the privilege and responsibility of the Christian community to care for those in need. Believing that the Gospel of Christ is true does not make us superior to our neighbor it gives us a better reason to be laid down for him.” Kristopher Keating (Executive Director of World Horizons USA) stated. “In partnership with Church on the Hill in Washington, DC, World Horizons USA is collecting sleeping bags, blankets and children’s coats for Syrian people who have fled to Turkey due to violence and war. We need your help. We learned of the need for these specific items in the refugee camps through a group that is sending a container to Turkey.”

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