What Do You Do When You Need Comfort In The Midst Of Challenges But Feel Abandoned By God?

It’s normal to seek Christ’s love in the midst of life’s challenges. We all seek peace, love, understanding, empathy and comfort. Some of us seek it in other people, but for those of us who have a relationship with Christ, He becomes our “go-to” in crisis.

What Does The Love Of Christ Look Like?

Christ Love
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The love of Christ is not easy to describe because it is more than words can express. Feeling the closeness of God means surrendering all control over to Him and basking in His presence.

His presence is what brings peace into turmoil, and that peace often brings clarity because our minds are focused on Him- not our situation. It is that brief moment in worship that God can speak clearly to us regarding our circumstances. It is that peace that heals and draws us closer to Him.

It is the love of God that makes us whole in the midst of brokenness, and it is only that love that can fully heal us. Counsellors are wonderful, and they can point us in the right direction. But God is our wonderful counsellor, ever-present help in time of need. He knows the beginning from the end, and has numbered our days. Why wouldn’t we invite Him into our situation?

It is one thing to know that God is love… scripturally. It is another to feel it. And yet another to be able to enter into His presence whenever we need comfort. God is described in scripture as our refuge, and He is exactly that. The problem is that our heads get in the way of feeling the supernatural and we stop short of what our souls yearn for.

Denise Cook describes the love of Christ and what it looks like. She will teach you how to come into His presence and walk in all the love He has to give you.

She will guide you not only into what the scripture says, but help you to internalize it into your hearts wherein you can meditate on it daily.

Need healing? God’s love will wash away every painful experience. Need comfort/peace? God’s there, too.

This feature and many more will be in our next edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine appearing on April 26, 2019!

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