Do You Know How to Exhibit Christ’s Love to Others?

No worries… there are many of us who haven’t, yet. It is not because we don’t want to or are incapable of exemplifying Christ’s love to others. The reason can be a multitude of things, and this is not an easy facet to display. Sure, it’s easy when the person loves you back or cares for you. However, if they are difficult, this can be a whole different ballgame!

What Prevents Us From Showing Others the Love of Christ?

The biggest reason most people don’t show the love of Christ is that many of us have never experienced a love like this before. Growing up, our lives may have been difficult. There are many parents whose love was conditional. They loved you when you did well in school or excelled at something. However, if you didn’t, you were either ignored or the recipient of a verbal tongue-lashing.

Others of us may have been neglected, or our parents suffered from addictions. There are many reasons that we may not have experienced love growing up. It is not that our parents didn’t love us- they loved us the best they could. However, you can’t love another person more than you are capable of.

This is where Christ comes in.

What is so Different About Christ’s Love?


Love itself should never be performance-based. It should never be withheld but freely given. Christ loved us despite our sins. He was able to look past the destructive things we said, though, or did, and saw the person behind it. Jesus viewed humanity with compassion. He never saw the sin but loved the sinner for who they were. No strings attached, and no requirements.

There are people with their upbringing that have been taught that God will only love you if you are a good person. Of course, if you were to ask almost anyone, they would say that they are, indeed, a good person. No one really admits to being inherently bad. That would imply they are beyond hope.

The reality is that God loves the sinner. Jesus sat with the lowest of the low in society… and loved them anyway. He saw the best in them and saw them for what they could be. He never forced them to do anything. All He did was love them.

Even Jesus’ correction was loving! Most people, He simply told them to sin no more. That was it. No lecture, no admonition. Just to stop sinning.

Do we deserve a love such as this? No. Is it hard to imagine such unconditional love? Absolutely! It is foreign to most of us.

How Do You Show Others the Love of Christ?

September issue deals with Christ’s love. There is too much division going on all around us, and we are missing that love of Christ attitude in our daily walk. Many of us don’t know what it even looks like, and why we are to behave this way.

There is simply too much hate, and this is what this issue explores. The end goal is to bring about that love of Christ. To let people know that even if they aren’t perfect (which none of us are), that there still is a God in Heaven that loves them no matter what. It is not Christian to be biased, avoid people or generate a divide. This issue hopefully brings people closer together.

If you know of someone who really needs to know Christ’s love, or needs to feel love in general, share this post with them to give them hope. Show them a type of love that they will appreciate, but may not understand at the time. This is the love of Christ that we are commanded to walk in.

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