Wake up, world and prepare to see the supernatural!  Revival is on the way!

Our next issue will feature topics on revival and its importance for every believer.  Revival isn’t just for the church, but should be something that every Christian prays earnestly for on a daily basis.

It is God’s desire that no one should perish, and our last two issues dealt specifically with the topic of salvation- both in giving our hearts to Jesus (salvation) and issues that push us away from Christ.  Revival is the desire to see God’s church (His bride) alive and on fire for Him.  Revival, historically, comes after a period of moral decline wherein there is a renewed spiritual interest in the church.  It is during revival that we see the lost come to know Christ, great spiritual activity, God’s church flourishing, and a national, or global interest in Christ described as a “fire” burning brightly across an area.

This issue will deal with why revival is important, why every believer should pray for revival, the benefits for the church, society, and what happens in the supernatural.

This will be our most powerful and impactful issue yet!  It is one you cannot afford to miss.

Our next issue comes out January 26, 2016!

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