Christian non-profits are now under attack by atheist and homosexual rights groups. In the future we can expect to see a great increase of stress among non-profits and churches in the United States.

Christian free speech will become weakened due to atheist and homosexuals using their freedom of speech against Christians. The first amendment gives everyone freedom of speech. The amendment also gives everyone other freedoms. If some of these bills are passed, the sermons at church could not relate real world experiences in their sermon. The church or its attendants will not be able to advocate for their religion. Although the first amendment gives everyone the freedom of a peaceful protest.

We can expect the churches in the United States to be under stress as well. The documents between the Freedom From Religion and the IRS have been made public.

In the documents, it shows that Billy Graham was sanctioned for telling people to vote morally. They are also trying to get theology to be treated as if it were politics, and treat theology the same as well.

The United States is trying to run the churches. As before there is a law that states that the church is separate from the state. The atheist group dismissed their suit while the FFRF withdrew their suit as well. The reason for was that private meetings were held and it was said by the IRS that they will start actively monitoring churches.

Our Two Cents:

I remember going to church as a child, and hearing the pastor talk about how things would change during the fulfilling of the Bible.

The pastor discussed how you would no longer be able to leave your doors open because of fear. Christians would be beheaded, and churches would not be allowed to preach the gospel.

I never thought we would see these things.

I believe in free speech. The freedom to worship. It would be nice if everyone could get along and agree at times to disagree.

1 Timothy 2:8

I desire in every place men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling.

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